Extreme Disrespect.

I feel so angry that I’m even having a hard time articulating this post.
After a long while, roughly a year and so many nannies later, my wife and I managed to get a nanny for our 3 kids aged 7,3 and 1 all girls. She dropped out of schoo for lack of money to continue her education.She has been very focused with her goal being to earn money to herself through a diploma in pre school education.
Now I have a cousin in his just over mid fifties who is the equivalent of a Provincial Commissioner who comes to live with me for 2 - 3 day trips when he has official and other trips to say, buy parts for his trucks.
Early this morning, my wife breaks the news to me, the man has been sleeping with my children’s nanny and she is pregnant!
I feel so utterly disrespected and angry that I have even ignored his phone calls (the basted left my house a couple of days ago) It has not been easy getting someone this responsible with the children and I feel personally responsible for her and now it looks like I’ll have to begin the search all over again!
Please advise, just do I react to this?

Make sure the girl gets adequate upkeep from the idiot, enough to get her through school as well. Help her to seek legal redress if the burger is reluctant to make amends. Lakini pia tunajua cousin amenyemelea your future meal. Make him pay big.

She pregnant…thats it either you pay her or let her go. She was not going to be with you indefinitely. I gather the main reason you are mad is because you now have to look for a new nanny? Just think how she feels now that she is pregnant.

the COUSIN = @Shyguy

Msichana ameangukia sponsor

Are you jealous because the county commissioner has reached Canaan before you?

Fahali wawili hawakai zizi moja.

calm down. take a walk to the shopping center and by the time you get back you’ll realize it’s not necessary to get worked up over finding a new nanny.
the matter of the preg is between them if she’s over 18. if she isn’t the law should take over.

Hii story iko na hidden angles. Mtu mzima anakuja kwako kulala aje na hujui vitendo vyake?

Peleleza kama amekamua mama watoto. Bikozulu thread refers.

That’s what I thought too. Why would a whole county commissioner spend days in another man’s home badala ya hotel?? The way I see it, bibi yake alikasirika juu mboch alipata mimba ya cousin yake and he was smashing her too. Hii ni wivu tu between two women shagging the same man.

acha wivu just send her away however you can…and dissociate from your pedo cousin

Is it u or ur wife who hired her?..This is more of ur wife’s problem than u…Stay clear…

Na wewe, ati mtu hawezi kuja kwako na usijue kile wanafanya? Hata wakioga utawachungulia?

You totally missed the point. Isorait.

This is a serious issue. First, that man is very mean. He is paid per diem for the days he is there because he is usually on official duties, yet he cannot board in an hotel, why do you allow that nonsense. Secondly, he has taken advantage of that very vulnerable young girl. Remember this has happened because she was at your place and you enabled him. You are to blame also for not guarding her from your randy relative, you cant say you din’t know his ways. Might be initially he forced himself on her, who knows. Any man going round having it nyama kwa nyama is a potential carrier too, very likey. Thirdly, he was doing that in your house, let that sink. How secure are your daughters when he is around?

I would be very mad also. But what has he said?

We haven’t spoken yet, I’m still so angry that he could come and behave like that in my house. And thanks, of all responses, it is only yours that has captured exactly what it’s like.

It is my house and therefore my problem my wife’s hiring her notwithstanding.

On a second thought, you do not have to look for another nanny. She can continue with you even after giving birth if you dont mind her living with her baby at your place. There is nothing wrong with that. She will even be more loyal to you and you will help her to complete her certificate course. This will make you feel better and proud

No, I think he is angry because he was beaten to the finish line by the shrewd bastard.


I was raised to be a lot more responsible than that.