Extra Strong

Kwa beneficiaries wa nys, goldenberg na maize scandal, ulevi sacco na RWNEBP is open for biz[ATTACH=full]132159[/ATTACH]

Unataka ku-die mkulima?

Hapana kiongozi, hiyo picha nimeforward as received

This beer is fucked me up with a 2-day hangover and I only took three! Taste’s not so bad after the first few slugs.



Ni mimi peke yangu ama mumesoma hiyo "forte"kama makanga wa githurai?

Githurai forte

ni wewe peke yako

Hii na faxe ni gani better?

Hii ni beyond faxe, dilute na maji

hahaha noma sana jinga uwesmake. leo unakunywa wapi njemeson

Helmand kwenyewe

The only man who woke up without a boner. It doesn’t matter which forces wakes men up, I hear.

[FONT=Courier New]peasant tings[/FONT]

Sawa mbirionearesssß, let me stick to my lane

The beer is fucked your rusungu on the way down your abdomen

Utakamuliwa hukoo!

Hiyo siwezi Kunywa. Strongest beer I’ve had is was a belgian brand with 8% and the hangover is like you were hit on the head with a bag of bricks.

Took 3 redhorse 13% some 7 years ago in south Sudan, I can confidently state, 4.9% is the highest level, hata pilsner 7% siwezi.

There is a beer called Atlas(16%).Respect this beer in a 500ml can.