Extending Safaricom Internet Range

Wadau just picture that you have two houses in your compound.Umeweka Saf fibre in one of the houses but as you all know router ya saf ni weak sana that hata haicover the first house yote vizuri. Ni solution gani naweza tumia kupata wifi in the other house? Nimesoma kuna kitu kama powerline ethernet adapter ati inatumia wiring ya nyumba au niite watu wa saf wanipe advice?

Tumia mesh Wi-Fi.


else tumia wifi extender (not repeater/booster!)

Si mesh wifi ni ndani ya nyumba moja… nataka wifi ikuwe kwa hiyo nyumba ingine

Kama wifi inafika the other house but is weak, use the wifi extender/booster as @sure sure amesema. The wifi booster receives weak signal and makes it stronger in the room that you’ve placed it. Ni kitu 3k

Bandwith haita reduce?Alafu watu wa saf wanaweza fanya ukarabati waweke cable kwa the second house but isikuwe wifi ingine inalipiwa?

Yes saw it being done but by JTL guys. My friend had router kwa ground floor and needed strong signal kwa first floor bedroom. Walivuta cable from router 1 to the additional router and it worked. Both routers are on same package. Yeye ilimcost around 15k.

Buy another router TP-LINK cost KSh 2,500/- then tumia normal ethernet cable to connect from safaricom router to new one. No additional cost, just same package

I have several Safaricom routers lying around. I was thinking of using one as an extender. Can the ports be used as a switch?

Yeah it is pretty easy to set up. Just hook the second router to the safaricom router with an Ethernet cable < 100mtrs and set it to bridge mode.