Expose 3

I have his instagram handle… guy issa real baller for sure. Plays golf abroad, never missed any f1 races since 2013, had a porshe cayenne, sold it now has a bmw x6, bmw 525i latest shape and a 2012 mercedes e200. Dines and hangs out with celebs and high ranking govt officials. Living life to the fullest but nobody knows his source of income. @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii trying to steal this guys identity, such people dont have time for forums like ktalk. Wewe ni peasant na utamulikwa soon na ktalk csi catfish wewe[ATTACH=full]235868[/ATTACH]

Such people are just insecure, and are always trying to run away from their past as fast as they can.
The question then is, what’s @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii running from ?

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii was just stealing some guys online Identify.

Mimi nikipata pesa kidogo huwa sionekani in this dirty streets.

So you are peasant… Enyewe you are the only one then hapa ktalk

:D:D:D:D ukipata deal unapotelea kwa kibanda uchafue chapo madondo?

Huyu ni Nani?

Some rich guy was in UON, never been employed, nobody knows his source of income. Nikipost IG handle yake najua nitatumwa siberia

Sijui niweke thread tukufanyie mchango…I take this as extreme call of help…peasantry to the next level

Manze i relax i do the nice things that i love to do. Will never see me engaging in stupidity na niko na pesa. Mtu akikosa pesa ndio hu engage in ujinga.

Don’t worry i will be rich in some few years.

Punguza hizi fake green emojis zako if you want to get rich
Everywhere is no joke lakini bado uko tu :D:D


Me hawa watu wa Catalonya wachana nao. I am wowed by this guy . Ule mtu ako na roho anipeleka Huruma tukatembelee huyu jamaaa. To me this would be a story inaeza bamba kwa spa mbaya. Like wamama will be like wtf ulienda Huruma and you met Obama? Daannnggg!!!



Fanyia wamama manicure na Pedicure bila kusumbua

Yaishe kaka, do not go past the mark you aim for in victory.

The problem with these streets is that FOOLS HAVE TOO MUCH GODDAMN TIME ON THEIR FUCKEN HANDS

Saaasa nyinyi CSI…mnaficha sura na jamaa mwenyewe hafichi yawa!!

Just let the guy be!

Live and let live.

itisha 50k ya senyeste polepole bila kusumbua.
we know you Georgina kapondi

When they are happy with their porches and BMWs why they need to use drugs and alcohol heavily? Something is wrong in this picture, isn’t it? What is really required today to be rich and famous? Have you thought about it? I would just say – no thanks

You do know though, we could do a reverse search on the image.