Exporting Nduma, Njahe, Macadamia to USA, UK & More

Hi Countrymen,
I am a Nairobi based entrepreneur looking for Kenyans in Diaspora to partner with in exporting Kenyan products abroad.
There are an estimated 1 million Kenyans abroad, mostly in North America, Europe and Asia.
These Kenyans constantly need certain Kenyan products to reach them on a regular basis. Home is best.
That is the opportunity I see. They need Majani chai, Unga Ngano, Njahe, Nduma, Terere, Tusker, Macadamia, Maasai Market Crafts and much more.
Since I am based in Kenya (the source), getting in touch with people in diaspora (the market) is a crucial part in this business.
Countrymen, what do you think of this venture?
Anyone interested to join me?


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Talkers kaeni rada.

aje sasa pamba?
wewe aki…


USA, UK, Dubai na Canada

Hui ni nonprofit organization.

@Saka, ebu fafanua chief

Brand name pia inachangia

Your exports will be in small quantity making profit will be difficult.

You are too late, there are guys that have been doing that for ages

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I dont know about America and Dubai but in Europe hauna bahati,place kama London kuna shop mbili najua ukiingia unafikiria uko “Rifarori” kuna mpaka watu wanauza chapo on delivery.Most of the big supermarkets washajua the demand and they have what they call “international isles” ndani ya supermarket.Hapo unapata tusker,njahi,ndengu and anything you can imagine.
Najua jamaa moja alikuwa anataka kununua matatu ati aanze kuchapa squad huko East London (little Kenya) lakini akakaziwa license.
Hope i didn`t discourage you lakini huo ndiyo ukweli wa mambo.
Good luck bro!


hii bizz najiua wasee huifanya…

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Try other smaller destinations for Kenyans, eg Rwanda, S.Sudan, Ethiopia etc. Its easier to find virgin territory there.

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It’s never too late so long as you have the passion


Hehehe. Ati squad ya East London. Wakenya wa huko huwezi wapata dead wakipanda matatu. Image seems to be everything for them.

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But let’s encourage him to start small


yup! You can always start small…we have unlimited potential for those products in North America. There is a big demand that is untapped. The wahindis, Mexicans, Somalis and even some Chinese have realized these and are stocking kenyan/African products in their stores.

Best to first find out the regulatory requirements in the target country (ies) and quality standards.KEBS ya huko mayuu hapana macheso. Then pay a visit to KEPHIS locally for some assistance on export licensing, et al.

Mbona hujataja omena? Nikiona duka lako east London bila omena siingii

Mimi nitakuwa supplier wako, ukipata market email me we do business. [email protected]

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