Explosions at US military base in Kanagawa, Japan -

Now this happened at 01:00 am Monday -Japan time ( around 7pm Kenyan time today )
Something fishy is happening in Asia… Chinese chemical plants exploding… US military base exploding… North Korea threatening… Planes with important Chinese personalities mysteriously vanishing… It cannot be a coincidence… Someone is lighting up the fire

link www.rt.com/news/313159-explosion-us-base-japan/

Enyewe MAYBE there is something cooking…but hopefully whatever it is mwafrika hataathirika

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What’s the fuww name…Kanagawa Kumamoto?

Takonono kanagawa kumamoto

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Ikiwasha inamoto

That’s the most retarded handle I’ve ever seen

Problem is products xposed to these explosions end up as raw materials in Africa

hai. Sasa hii ni nini? Hii ujinga ya klist imeshaafika hapa?

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watu kama hawa wanafaa wapigwe lecture