Explain How 24 Million COVID19 Doses Will Reach The Ordinary Folk In Today's Kenya

Hapa tusha tiwa. This is just another scandal in the offing. Secondly will Kenyans trust their bodies to be used as guinea pigs not knowing if they are being injected with Real or fake vaccine. The real one might land in Kenya and get swapped with similar looking water repacked in similar vials.

They are saying that the 24 million doses are for medical workers, teachers, disciplined forces, but am 100 percent sure kutakuwa na scandal.

Hii ni Kenya na waliuza masks za Jack Ma.

Vaccine is temporary, mask is forever.

Zitapelekwa Nairobi Hospital where you’ll have to pay 30k per jab.

Where have you being good people, tulisema hatutaki hii kitu. FULLSTOP


Uhuru, Ruto, Raila, should line up in that order, followed by governors, deputy, mps , etc they should receive the vaccine, 14 days later Kenyans can choose to or not

Ata wakiline up they’ll be given an empty jab…

We will use IEBC to verify they get full doses

Worrying about a vaccine when we are about to import a mutated strain of COVID from our masters in the UK:D

On top of that we have a hopelessly corrupt Kikuyu bureaucracy that thinks their money makes them immune to disease.

Mimi nilisema Negro will only work hard under enslavement or when colonized. Freedom ikikuja analegeza kamba. We want the Germans and the Brits back in Subsahara Africa, they kept Negroes on check.

Vaccines only work when many people use them. Hiding vaccines will leave the rich vulnerable

Aren’t masks, PPEs and test kits supposed to work the same way? Zilifichwa ama hazikufichwa?

Zimefichwa hadi Muhoho& his associates get billions from tenders.

Yaani mnatamani hizo vaccine? and you claim to be a high IQ bonobo?

Hata kama hatuzitamani, millions will be made from them.

Tell me how in Kenya we will distribute a vaccine that needs to be stored at -80 degrees. Those tenders to supply dry ice, waaah!!! They will supply dry stones to maploti. By the time those vaccines reach their recipients, zitakuwa maji tu. People will be paying 30 k for a chot of dead virus