Expired insurance

Need to drive a vehicle from Murang’a to Nairobi to be sold off.,insurance expires few days ago
Whats the worst case scenario on this ukishikwa na polisi, court fine n’a unaezapeana ngapi if shit hits the fan

Lipa 3rd party ya 1 k. Or look for a car yard with kg pltes and hire them for the Day.

It’s nit just about Police. Someone could hit you on the way, and then its you who will be sweating rather than them.

The fine for being nabbed without insurance is 5k. A one month insurance is 2500/=. Do the math. Otherwise you can decide to drive at night which in this case is impossible since we are in a curfew. So, if you really need to transport the vehicle, nunua insurance ya one month

Which are those KG plates?

endesha gari hakuna mtu ataangalia


sometimes you just hope for the best.

Bad luck knocks on the door when your hope is maximum

Ukiomba baisikeli ya wenyewe ndio huenda inakuvunjikia.

Third party ya mwezi mzima ni thao bro. I dont understand why people are so mean with little money. Kidogo tu and you avert alot of disasters.

It’s not worth the trouble… na io njaro ya kupeleka gari from muranga to nairobi haileti shangwe you have to be extra careful.

jinga nunua insurance vunja sheria lilia kwa …

The farthest I have driven with a one day expired sticker was from Nyahururu to Gilgil to renew the insurance.
I was sweating so much seeing a police check nilifika Gilgil nyees zikiwa kwa tumbo.
Can never repeat it again.

Third party ya mwaka mzima ni ngapi?

Unaishi Nyahururu?

No, just normal marounds.

Little pussy brain, you fear driving a car without insurance? Ask yourself what it feels like living within enemy lines in fatigues ? Yes, we drive cars…why not get back to your mummy breast and suckle more for guts! We are men out here! That is like using chopsticks when all use spoons and forks! Take a risk, shit brain!

You’ve got a pea-sized brain. Insurance is not had to pass police blocks, it’s to protect other people and yourself. Dont be foolish

And if he rolls and lands the vehicle in a ditch?

Hey, look at your pay-slip/paycheck. paycheque. They pay you to work, not to think! …and you gonna realize that the “Urban Legends” idea of insurance is what s/he read from the book! “Policy Insurance is legally overtaken by special intention”. Ha ha ha …have you read that chapter in Law? What does that mean? We use our intention to overcome the laws! Ok, still grappling with that? OK we CAN DRIVE WITHOUT INSURANCE, and get it after the accident! That is not in you books!