Experience with Tinder and Badoo

I was bored last night and I decided to install Tinder and Badoo apps on my phone for the first time. It turns out, Tinder is not a bad place after all and I’m enjoying safisha mecho session.

For talkers who’ve used Tinder, how often do you use it to scavenge kungurus? How about Badoo? Are most women there lanyes?

There was a time some two yellow yellow women drugged me and stole my things and after that, I found it very hard to invite women I don’t know to come over to my place.

and you want to invite these ones again based on info from talkers? always get a neutral place. your place is just the @smokin_gun they need to engage in all sorts of nefarious activities.

Only good for cleansing the cornea. The mbishes are ridiculously expensive.

Only beta males rely on stupid online apps…get the ferk out of your bedroom, stop wanking and put yourself out there and start gaming real women. The rewards, once u become an expert, are out of this world.

do you ever think you might be over confident like hitler

try grindr , utapata kina kimakia huko .

Confidence is key in anything you do, you will be surprised at what confidence can do for a man.

Tell them

Who raised you?

Correction: who born you?

and that is also want con men/women use.
it can literally get you anywhere even when you have absolutely nothing!

confidence is everything.

99% of tinder mbishes are token mbishes, but expensive

50% of badoo mbishes are afraid of saying they are token mbishes, but they are (but not as expensive as tinder). The rest i.e. 50% will report u if u mention poosy-for-token manenos (been red-carded twice:D:D)

Hizo ni online brothels. Any lady there is a hoe

Nafaaa nikuchimbe kwanza umenizoea,nitakuchimba ndio sasa unipee referrals vizuri

Bila Lube

Shida ya Tinder ni ati app yenyewe inakutoanisha kabla hata upate ikus.

Dating apps…:D:D:D:D… Why would you use a dating app? Hizo vitu zimejaa lanyes hakuna tofauti na craiglist… If you’re into lanyes ziko sawa…

I deleted all dating apps kwa simu 2018… They don’t make sense to me… They give women too much power in dating, kunguru anachagua kuchagua…

Wacha nibaki na day game, its more productive IMO… Dating apps were designed for women, same with FB, Instagram, na Twitter… They’re meant to give women choice and maximize their hypergamy…

But kama umekuwa successful with dating apps, kudos to you… Tuachie tips.

Some people were “raised” others were “brought up”. Big difference

Ukweli aki. Niggas are paying these mbishes over 10k per shot u can imagine…[SIZE=2].Alap Mashapa pia nliskia anawalipanga 100k per night D.F.[/SIZE]

Lanye wanamake pesa. Beta males wanalipa pesa mingi na madem hata si warembo