Experience with robbers in a house with your family inside.

I have just remembered a friend telling me how he one day woke up in the middle of the night coz he heard something in his living room.
Akajipiga kifua akaenda kuangalia akapata a slender guy trying to look inconspicuous in the corner.
Mwanaume unaweza jipiga kifua but kuna line.

Alijifanya ameenda kwa tap akachota maji and that’s when he noticed his balcony door was open.
Now most guys would try to see what the fuck someone is doing in your house and to be a hero would try to accost them.
When I asked him why he didn’t he said “the only reason I did not was first I have two kids and my wife in the house and second he looked like he was carrying a knife! Alafu upate ni wale watu ukipigana nao wanatoa hasira kwa watu wako kwa nyumba!”
It sounds unbelievable but he told me he pretended to walk 'around half asleep nshit" as he put it.

He carried the water squinting to see that the guy hadn’t changed his position.
So there is a door between the living room and the corridor to access the rest of the house.
Now that night was one of the few nights he hadn’t locked that door and that’s why he heard those sounds so clearly
He got there pushed back the door and locked it.

Walked silently to his room found the wife awake shushed her and walked her silently to the children’s room.
He then went to the househelp’s room found her also awake coz she had heard something, shushed her and walked across to the children’s room.
He spoke to some neighbour who also told him his nanny cam showed there is someone in his house.

He just started dropping things from the kids window and hitting people cars and the alarms going off.
Kumbe it was a gang of 10 that was terrorising the apartment block.
Helter skelter guys calling cops security guys calling for back up and what not.
So they had gained access through the adjacent building that was still under construction and that’s where they were trying to escape from.

4 guys were caught: one fell off the wall and broke his leg, the other was unable to go up the wall ran round and got into an open manhole,
The third and fourth hid in the compound until the back up security guys came dogs wakaingia maji wakajipeana.

Long and short triple/quadruple check if your doors are locked.
There is a video of a house near mine that was getting robbed and in as much as those guys were armed with pangas they were walking on tip toe.
I watched those videos in shock!
Ule mwizi hukuwa na aggression issues ni mwizi wa gun.


Hii story iko na corner mingi sana kuliko ile barabara ya iten.

Whats the moral of the story here ,tufunge milango ama tusipigane na wezi or all of the above ?

Creepy!! I don’t think there is anything as horrifying as knowing that someone with bad intentions is in your house…actually gained entry.
We were robbed at gun point when I was 10 and I have never fully recovered, hearing my mum and dad begging for their lives is just so sad. Moving on swiftly, I was burgled here…and it took me months to recover. And I was not even in!! the saddest thing is that it happened on a day I normally worked from home but I chose to go to work last minute. I was not in the habit of inviting men home so I had very few names in my ‘suspicions’ list. I asked myself so many questions i.e what would happened if I was indoors?

My cuz experienced a matatu hijack when living in Ruiru. Hapo ndipo alijua umuhimu ya ku invest in fresh and trendy underwear.

The weakest point in most homes is the balcony door to the kitchen. Or any balcony door for that matter.

I lock all my balcony doors with a padlock from the inside, top and bottom latch.

That’s what people are supposed to discuss in this thread. Remember Ktalk is a place where you can learn a lot from the experiences that people share. Wewe what did you get from that story?

Hii ni kama movie banae, if there’s a terrifying moment is knowing you have thugs inside the house while in no position to arm yourself even with a kitchen knife. Mine was when the family had gone to this Christmas trip to their parents. I was sleeping on the couch with the TV near mute when suddenly some guy grabbed the padlock on the main door. I think he hadn’t expected anyone to be in the house at the time. I experienced some near paralysis as the neega had such Gigantic hands. I only shouted that ‘tuko nyumbani hatujaenda mahali’ the fwaka walked back silently as he had come. Hizi zingine mi huskia ati adrenaline took over and they grabbed the intruders hands sijui watu hutoa wapi

Kwani nimesoma episode ya


You’re a fukin Sissy muratina imbiber

Had a similar experience few years ago.

I happened to dose off in the living room as I was watching telly.

Unintentionally left my balcony window open with the lights on at about 2AM. A jambazi climbed the fence, then over the balcony, reached in via the window and opened the balcony door.

Ghafla bin vuu I randomly woke up (not sure if I was startled in my sleep, TV sound or divine intervention) and I saw a shadow slowly drifting away in my peripheral. Strange part is I didn’t hear any footsteps or running. Just the figure disappearing. For a moment I thought it was a ghost.

Anyway I gathered the courage to tip toe towards the balcony, slippers at hand as the weapon of choice. Sure enough the balcony door was wide open. Ironically, Nothing had been stolen, even my phone which I had left to charge right at a socket adjacent to the living room entrance. I guess the sound from the TV kept the punk at bay.

Funny thing is a few hours later, kitu 4AM, I heard someone screaming “HuuuuUUUwiii askari tafadhali usipige mimi risasi!!!” in the surrounding neighborhood.

Nowadays I make sure all windows and doors are locked using military grade padlocks.

Wainaina wacha kujichocha juu umezoea kukatakata mitura ya 20 Bob. Ikifika time ya ngori najua unatetemesha manyungulus ukiangalia Kirinyaga ukilia Thaai Thathaiya Ngai

I would rather die,no retreat no surrender

I will remember to keep you in my prayers oh Mighty warrior

endelea kujifanya chuck norris. Jambazis have nothing to lose. Utafinywa macei upige nduru na hiyo suprano yako.

wakati wezi waliingia kwetu saa nane usiku nilisikia sound ya damu ikitembea kwa mishipa

Patchieth mimi ni wale wakali

Descendants of Gikuyu fear no people…

I thank God so far not yet. Solar powered electric fence & motion sensor bulbs, Alarm, trained guard dogs and vigilant guards, cctv cams, zimenitunza vyema.

Fully loaded Glock + illegal one, njora na rungu ya kujitengenezea from casuarina tree ziko pembeni mwa kitanda. Cctv screen pia iko sawa.