Have you ever wondered about how others exist?

Information can be the source of all kinds of discussions. Picture this. I heard of a young man looking forward to meeting/connecting with his father. The conversation was on Radio Jambo(not my preference but I cannot bother the matatu driver in his routine…hekaya another day). From the story, the man wasn’t raised by his father. His mother too abandoned the post. His struggles through life wore him down. Why you may wonder. Well, utterances and at times direct insults to remind him he is “fatherless”. Got that you single mothers by choice?

Heck! His wife is among the culprits.

The man his mother married joined the culprits too. Now let the woman-bashing begin. To begin with, the dude did not choose to be fatherless, the mother blessed him with that. How ironic of a caring mother? In all of the permutations I can run, only 2% make the mother innocent. One is rape and the other dead of the boy’s father. So the mother is responsible for the man’s suffering.

Meanwhile, the escapism in society is over the top. At some point, the man was crying. Several people’s advice was “be a MAN”. FUCK them! Who did they expect to teach him to be a man? Also, the young man said his offence was existing(a clear sign of depression although likely to be ignored by many).

While a man can want to get a child, a woman can choose to have a child and with whom. Single mothers by choice and deadbeat mothers be warned

Sentience was a mistake. That is my deduction on existence as a whole.

I am afraid it still is.
Also, people tend to recognize only monumental evil. What about the wrong choices that lead to big consequences downstream?

the worst sin that God can never forgive is a WOMAN abandoning a child she carried for 9 months .

my main question , WHERE DO WE GO WHEN WE DIE ?

well, God is waiting to see who truly love Him…wewe kama dryfry artist unaona ukienda wapi

We stop existing.

mimi naingia kitchen cabinet ya yesu direct right hand

I’m of the school of thought that such matters should be handled objectively once a person has become a grown up. It is okay to be a victim and most of the time (especially in this scenario) the mother’s nature is beyond everyone’s ken and the best thing to do is to KEEP MOVING FORWARD, be better than the parents. Then and only then can everyone be sure that history won’t repeat itself.

You get reborn in another planet or on earth as a different form/creature.

Is any of you children of single mothers? If not,the shut the ferk up. You have no idea what it is all about… But single mothers by choice,there is a special place for them in hell…

@Alchemist there is a group of single mothers you left out… Those who run to escape domestic violence…

The omission was not intended.


You sent a subscription fee to this incoherent drunk sorry ass SOB?:smiley:
I have met four kinds of single mums.

  1. Those escaping from a violent relationships.
  2. Those who were naive ,got deceived,conceived and were left holding the short end of the stick.
  3. Those who have never found Mr right and found a stud for breeding services.
  4. Widows
    There is a fifth kind. I guess those are the ones you are bitching about and I can’t really say anything positive about them.

If I were you I would stop being so judgemental. But then MGTOW is so ingrained in your system I doubt you would even listen.

I didn’t. However, it seems you finished the video.
Numbers 2&3 are total excuses. Also, note that the concept of Mr Right is a result of long-term brainwash from those Disney princess movies and stories.

I am just a redpiller, I see reality for what it is.

Mr right is not Mr perfect. And the days of chivalry and prince charming are long gone.
Neither do we have princesses anymore. What we have are women and men who have flaws and most actually find a way to make things work.
You guys go around lamenting as if the world is overrun by sluts and deadbeats.
It is not. There are good people amongst us.
Some make it, some get caught in circumstances.
That video is sad. That guy cannot even attract a good woman ,he attracts the ones his hating on.

Wrong. You have made an assumption that we are in agreement. From my other thread, you must know that in order to find the truth I must listen to several sources of opinion. Agreeing with the sources is not a guarantee. I only want the truth. Whichever way I end up being classified will not deter me.

And there lies your problem, you are seeking the truth from other sources but neglecting to accept the truth within you. You have closed yourself to your own damn truth. On one hand you take risks in your professional life every damn day and on the other side you do not want to risk in matters of the heart. And going back to fairy tales, you are the ones looking for a happily ever after…looking for a unicorn and when you fail to find that you start looking for others to blame…even the ones who bore you come under scrutiny.

Don’t forget for every woman who has hurt a man there’s a man who has done the same to an undeserving woman. You will not get the answer you are looking for based on other people’s experiences.

I need to have a meeting with those good people, to take a risk on these matters asap.

Does that sound like the truth?

A fool doesn’t learn from mistakes, a good student learns from mistakes but a wise person learns from others mistakes.