Exercise/resistance bands

Greetings villagers,
Am contemplating starting a fitness journey.
Thinking of purchasing these exercise/stretching band.
I basically want to build muscles and maybe cut some tummy fat…
Are the exercise/stretching bands worth it?[ATTACH=full]338041[/ATTACH]

Roller msee


Roller haijai patia kitambi siksipaka or kuondoa mafuta,roller ni ya mwenye misuli kuzimaintain.its a core assist equipment and until upunguze fat to muscle ratio,hakuna pahali unono inaenda.You have probably been using it wrong in the past

Cutting tummy fat - > diet change
For building muscles either do bodyweight workouts or buy some dumbbells to start.
The range of exercises you can work with resistance bands is quite limited

Resistant bands are shape maintenance tools,they won’t assist you get fit

Resistance bands are shit. Waste of money. They don’t last long. [ATTACH=full]341390[/ATTACH]

This is an understatement. Those things are useless!

Are they? Or Maybe yours are a low quality one

Dieting (mainly cutting your carb intake and creating a carolic deficit) is the key. You can’t target a specific bodypart for fat loss. Check out Gravity Transformation on Youtube.

Weight training will help to keep most of your muscle tissue when you’re cutting your weight and will use of some of that stored fat.

Check also khairaumma.co.ke for some really good deals on weights.[ATTACH=full]341400[/ATTACH]

Mine maybe of low quality (and cost me about 2500) but all in all, those things are just useless.