Exclusive; Behind the scenes photos of Obama meeting Raila......


What the @The.Black.Templar was really upto since Friday…
Cheki Maneno…





Zile picha zake na hanky ziko wapi?

I like this! But where’s the link to that quote?

Listen to the speech again or Google it. I wish I could send a video I recorded, it’s too big.

I think Obama just dealt Babuon a death blow. Suspicions were beginning to grow in the Luo Nation that Raila was leading them up the garden path, and none other than their most prominent son - who has access to good intel - has publicly told him (Raila) off.

Old man better mends fences with Uhuru fast.



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Enyewe hapa Obama aliweka opposition ma left right Sana.

Haha funny thing dude. I actually passed this guy on my rounds huku tu…nice…you almost hit the mark!


Here you go

That’s definitely Martha Karua…but it is “sexy” to say its Raila Odinga.

I dont think it was Raila who Obama was talking about. There is another opposition party principal who was high in the government and critical of the US very much. Guess who.

all of them were in government…Raila, Karua, kalonzo and Wetangula

like we said elsewhere, it was anyone but baba…

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Accept and move on