Excise duty on old mv, 3yrs>

Excise duty of 300k will now be placed on all cars over 3 years. Except increased costs for owning an ex Japan car.

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rink, website, mbicha…otherwise hii ni U? upuss

except ama expect…osungu yawa


‚ÄėOfficial broker‚Äô namaanisha nene?

hii ndio shida ngugi wa thiongo was talking of…kizungu hatuwezani nayo andika kwa lugha ya mama next time

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Hehehe…I’m also told that commencing this month, duty on petrol vans (Hiace, Liteace, etc) has been increased and thus it no longer makes any financial sense to go for petrol over diesel.

Pia taxes on rental income for landlords imeongezwa. So, rent might go up in many places.

this screws it up for all of us because it is passed down to the mama mboga who passes the cost to us

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