Exam stress

Class 8 pupil at Odolo Primary School, Homa Bay County, hangs self in classroom over poor test results…per NTV

This is a total failure in parenting and school management

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:(So sad…

Was talking to my STD seven kid akaniambia kiboko kwa shule yao imerudi nikamwambia Mwalimu hawezi discipline mtoi bila makosa ,akuwe na mienendo mzuri hatakutana na viboko.

After High school is only when I realized our education system is only focused on passing exams and not enhancing ones strengths in various fields.

Woe unto you if you’re only good at the arts and humanities.



We had a boy in form four who lost his position 1 for the first time since form 1 he went beserk,got hospitalised and was told to take a year’s break from anything academic.

Reminds me nikiwa Form 1 some guy declared he will be forever No. 1 which he did until Form 3 where guys specialised in subjects…jamaa became No.20/120 na akalia kama hired huko mourner pale Shinyalu !!! Hahahaha…saa hio sisi watu wa Sportspage/Orbituary(last quarter kama tu kwa gazeti) hatuoni nini mbaya na huyu mwenzetu.