ex tryin to show me she livin that life since we broke up

Me showing her been doing that investment since her ass went down
And she replied, wewe ni madawa ulikuwa unauza ndiposa nikakuacha

Plead with her to come back just to see how she responds. She looks miserable one inch beneath that smile.

Hebu angusha number yake hapa,

mbisha zingine zake??


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leta namba yake nimuambie uko mbele siku hizi

Kaa ngumu buda. Livestock farming is what i plan to do in the next 10 years.I admire you and there is no better way to get over a bad relationship than to suck it up and bury yourself in doing something profitable that you have a passion for.Believe me you can do better than her na siku za kubembeleza wanawake are a generation gone by!

Nyinyi hamjaachana. If she is teasing you she wanna come back. And you are playing into her machinations

She looks like she shaved you know where juzi. …not a good sign bro

Mara kwa mara tunataka backup ya evidence,kwenda thibithisha unacho leta

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yep, she’s miserable but she’s fuc.king someone else probably harder than she ever did u. see what she’s struggling to hold in? that’s cum bruh


Stop leaving in denial omwami,at this your are still up whining time check 3 asubuhi.?

01:07 to be precise. i got home not too long ago

Stick to your guns at this moment she is trying to make you feel guilty and go back running to her trust me huyo jamaa anatumiwa bure he aint getting some probably

She isnt fuckin anyone. If she is, she doesnt like him. She wanna comeback. na hata wewe sioni kama umedetach because you are teasing back.

eeh bigup man,iyo maneno hapana mbaya as for the chic its jst time before she licks her pride

Picha yenu mkiwa pamoja or… you know the drill.