It’s 1:33am and instead of sleeping am here writing about fucking feelings. It’s just pathetic how someone who doesn’t feel the same about you can keep you up at night. Some of you may say, grow a pair, don’t feel, etc but we can all agree that train already left the station. In this situation, what does one do? Definitely not go to your friends is the first correct step. They have seen this countless times over five freaking years and they already “know” you have learnt your lesson. But you have that voice in your head, “this time its going to be different”, “I won’t allow to fall for her again” and the other statements that come when trying to console yourself that you are doing the correct thing. Am better than I was yesterday but are my choices better?
I wish that she would be up thinking about me but we all know that’s not going to happen anytime soon. So what am I left with? From what I can assess I have two options
One is to tell her what I really feel about her and hopes she won’t give me the same replies that I have heard over a long period of time, “am not ready, I hope you understand” among other curving statements that I have come to learn. The second option is to move on. Scary but doable. It will be a thumbs up on my growing up skills, but what would that make me if I don’t resolve my feelings now and just postpone them to a later time when my adventures have proven faulty and go back to chasing her?


Boss, wacha kuamsha birrionares, lala.


Just move on son. There will be many more seasons of rain and sun. Just hope the next one won’t beat you as hard. And you’ll be stronger.


Nimeachia apo

I am too lazy to read right now. lala bwana

hyo n coomer. inakuchanganya hvyo waaaa thnkng wth two heads thts mapenzi kizungumkuti… sasa go back to bed

How old are you? At age 25+, you should have 99 problems and all of them should be about money not women. Let me break the worst news to you, she is somewhere between a niggas sheets with him. A nigga who is more loaded, more handsome and better in bed than you. Stop bitching. Get over it already.


With all the pussays in the world you still begging for one in the name of feelingsichieth meffi.:eek: N.v unasumbua


Get yourself something to do. The agony will recede. You cant just wish it away though because it’s coming from the inside. A fence around you cant do. Then try to get a better woman and not an inferior one (The only medicine).

A man can accept a woman for her looks or personality only. Jobs aside, status aside, money aside. The problem is that women weigh partners based on illusion of power. Be it money, position of authority, body size, superior looks, etc.
If she gets someone she thinks has more clout and she is confident he wants her she wont give a fuck about you. Forget what you ever done for her. Women naturally are not configured to be loyal. There are there for something and if its not there anymore or they get a better one then the union makes no sense.


utaoa lini

Lower your standards and Ferk zoo animals like @uwesmake and you will always be happy.

Spoken like 20 wise men.Excellent analysis and Advice.

Hii you have to move on! Mimi yule mschana nilipenda mara ya kwanza it took me two years to get over her. So jipatie shughuli and time will take care of the rest!

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kaa ngumu !!!

Once you learn the art of moving on hutakua na hizi shida za umeffi

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Hii ulipost ukiwa mlevi.

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been there, WHEN I WAS 19!!! Relax it will end. Just follow Rene’s advice above. And give yourself something to do.
once you learn how to swerve these switches then you’ll be fine.

Date someone who is in love with you more than you are with them.

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wewe huwes saidika

Kama Liz Blessing?