Ex Mungich confession

There was this former mungiki leader turned bishop who is/was live on Kameme FM this morning.
Amongst his confessions on the nasty things they did during Mungiki heydays was land grabbing. They would grab huge portions of undeveloped land especially in Eastlands, carry out some sacrifice over this land to place under some bondage, then subdivide and distribute it to its members or unsuspecting public, at a fee.
One of those areas is Mowlem estate near Dandora. He says that area will never have peace until the bondage is lifted by ordained Bishops of the Church.
Now he wants to travel all over the country so that he can ‘redeem’ all the areas that were placed under this bondage and set free the ex-mungiki adherents who are still bound by the oath.
-He will publish a list of all those areas under mungiki ‘curse’
Well let’s see how this turns out…

Inventing a problem so you can sell the solution

[SIZE=5]Ndio kwamaana rain ilihamia Tz: ndio kwamaana pia UK anakuanga amechanganikiwa: Mara tuko pamoja, mara ni handshake… Kwani ha-trust power za office yake na constitution? [/SIZE]

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The whole country, Sasa Kikuyu land imekua country.

That’s where he said literally…

Kwa maji, parts of Umoja 3, Baraka and Mwangaza? Anyway hio anasema tu ni nonsense.

MY good old neighbor Waruingi

I though Waruingi is sleeping with the fishes?

Ive heard this narrative from a Gaza exposee. Inakaa strategies are the same ama Gaza is the new Mungich?

… at a fee or free ?

Land grabbing ni nasty kweli?

Niqqa will have a field day making mullah thanks to the sheeple’s belief in witchcraft and religion!

Huyu kuna kiti anatafuta 2022. Bookmark for ease of reference.

ndura waruinge?

They even acquired land in Kitale, Mombasa, Samburu, Meru and other many areas. So it’s basically countrywide.

Aanze na Gatheca.

An ingenious way of mungiki regrouping… So you kill,rape maim and all shit …then you become a ‘man of god’ and all your sins forgiven?.. Interesting time we live in