Ex British Army Bedford Truck...

I got an offer for a Ex BATUK Bedford Truck at a really good price…which i wanna use in the farm to ferry stuff and all…is there any villager who has ever owned one of this truck?[ATTACH=full]8330[/ATTACH]

kama hii hapa…its a year 2002

Yeah, I know a guy who has one, he bought it and mounted a crane on it for loading and offloading heavy stuff and he seems to be doing ok.

snap it up quick…

ok thanks

any particular reason why??

are the spares readily available…na local mechs can deal…it will be far off from Nairobi

Its very hardy and performs well in rugged terrains. Its the truck of choice for bush tour safari operators

those trucks are purpose-built for very rugged terrain work. utatumia, uchoke nayo uachie wajukuu…

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As for spares am not sure of their availability locally but I know local mechanics are able to handle it.

Kuna zingine on offer ama ni hiyo moja tu?

its just this one…the guy got it on Auction at Rapid Kate Yard in Msa Road while they were disposing equipment last year November…i hear it was in the papers

ok thanks

Okay you lucky you

Sasa itia kabuda kazi nyumbani


If it were me, I would fix seats and make it a tour truck. Ama niifanye matatu in those extremely remote areas.

Unauziwa ngapi?

Bedford are pretty solid trucks. Being ex- BATUK it probably got good maintenance. You just have to figure out spare parts maneno. What’s it for pricing if you don’t mind me sing?

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Tourism imekufa kenya…I’ll use it kwa shamba kazi ni mingi huko

Thats a really good price. :frowning: I had a friend who worked at KWS with the team that maintains their vehicles but he’s not with us anymore. He helped me buy my first car and I know he would approve of this direction you’re taking. Army trucks, jeeps etc are usually a really good bargain.

:frowning: I miss that man.