Evolution of how men get married

Most men who get married after 30 do so not because of any special ‘attraction’ or ‘connection’ to whoever they are marrying but because of the ‘pressure’ to get married and have children and the realisation that they do not have much time left in this world. It is difficult for most men at this age to chase after women and therefore they end up settling for any woman that comes around. How does it come to this??

Early in life, most men go for looks or what, by convention, is called beauty. Think about the number of girls you ignored back in the village, college or even in the church yet they showed interest in you while chasing after what you thought were hot girls. I think many can relate to this.

May be you conquered some of these ‘attractive’ people but then you realised they have no substance when you wanted to settle down. This is not to say that attractive women don’t have substance, but most of them try to get on in life by their looks alone which wither away with time.

Or may be you were not lucky and it dawns on you this late in life that if you got outside convention in your youth, you could have had a ‘fun- filled’ life.

Now you are over 30 and you don’t have have someone with substance to settle down with. Or you have realised you can’t score attractive people anymore or you have never scored them anyway. You rationalise this by saying ‘all women are the same’ or ‘K is constant’, hence you can marry anybody. Sometimes this find you when you are in a foreign country and you marry any black woman you find.

Did this happen to you? May be you have rationalised it hence you may not realise anyway!

After 40, you know men can marry anything that moves: bar maids, trappers, widows, divorcees etc.


Nice narrative wrong mbishas … Ktalk for kienyeji

There is nothing wrong with the categories of the people above. You’re talking about them like they don’t deserve to married


i dont why i cant stop laughing at the second photo

Make money, mature then get married - fuk this other pressures. I see a good number of my buddies who rushed kuzaa n get married in their 20s hizo relations huwa drama kibao.


hiyo mbisha ya mwisho

Is it that guys are on the hanye and looking at ktalk or people dont like swatching? how are you people sending replies at 1:30am??

It’s 7:30am and junkie is in the gym making all kinds of gains.
Married is toooo much work tooo much compromise.avoid it if you can

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So @Unicorn si ka-local?? so hizi maua zitapelekwa wapi sasa?! o_O:confused:

Maself i don’t a single day ever regret getting married…so it all depend on what & who u fell on.But t’all God grace

Now we know wifey is a ktalker! :D:D

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nini? i cant buy the lady flowers?

@Unicorn ako majuu for real, but she is a really good lady

:DKwanini Musakuro ??,

@Purr_27 @Nananimpa @Tris @missdee @Supu don pia ni madem. Lake Victoria is wide. Cast your nets far and wide si omena pekee ndio samak


Too a large extent i don’t think i a agree with your over generalized opinion. Yes at 30 most men if not all usually slow down on the chase not so much because of the pressure but change of priorities. They finally come to realize that life doesn’t revolve around their dicks. They start thinking about their legacy whether in business, carrier, family and such like. Now if lady who won’t mind this kind of drift and infact encourages it shows up during this metamorphosis then the niggar won’t mind that kind of partnership which in most cases is sealed with a ring. Now,this where the trick comes in because the guy in most cases never got time to do some background check of his new found partner and 4 years down the line, the ship changes course. That’s when we say the Nigger is fucked. AM OUT!!o_O


so @msalame grace is your wife?

I totaly concur! Dating a guy above the age of 30 is interesting! They are under too much pressure to settle down n they wanna take you to their mama the 2nd month after meeting then they want you to move in with them as soon as possible. They are also very clingy and suffocating! Sometimes it ok but sometimes its nauseating!! Now i understand wy some behave the way they do…

:smiley: I, too, wonder.

Swatching…long time since I heard that word. :smiley:

One thing I always say: before you judge, seek first to understand.