Evolution might never have happened

Over the past few weeks, I have been perturbed by archeology and ancient life. I have taken a lot of time to read about ancient life, archeology and how past humans lived, and one thing caught my attention. You do realize that I am a strong supporter of the evolution theory as opposed to the creation theory. In the quest to get more knowledge, I came across startling information.

The theory of Evolution has recently been proven that it might be wrong. Towards the end of his famous book, Charles Darwin clearly states that his studies on evolution are a mere theory and that he had never come across sufficient physical evidence to prove the same. So many scientists over the years share this sentiment. This is the explanation. Read keenly to understand.

Scientists believe that dinosaurs existed about 60 million years ago. Their tests using radiocarbon dating tends to lead scientists into having this unanimous agreement on the time period. Now excavation of dinosaur fossils is being done on a daily basis. More and more dinosaur fossils are being discovered daily. In archeology, the manner in which sediments build up over thousands of years can be studied by looking at a cross-section of the soil profile where the fossil was located.

Now, scientists in different dinosaur excavation sites have discovered one startling discovery. Buried alongside dinosaurs are plants and animal remains which are thought to have also existed during that time. The ecosystem then had plants and animals just living together like today and when the dinosaurs died and got buried, this is exactly what happened to the species of plants and animals that were within the environment of the dinosaurs. This has led scientists into discovering fossils of animals/insects/plants that are thought to be about the same age as the dinosaurs based on how they were buried. Some of the animals whose remains were found alongside the remains of dinosaurs and could be closely studied include bats, frogs, mosquitoes, bats, fern plants. What was discovered left scientists startled.

The fossilized remains of the mammals and plants that were buried together with the dinosaurs were keenly and extensively studied. The shocker was this, that over the alleged 60 million years since the dinosaurs died, all the fossilized remains of the mammals exactly look like the same species today. That is to say, the bat that was buried with the dinosaur looks almost exactly the same as today’s bat. The remains of the frogs and insects showed a very close similarity to the same animals today. Over 30 species were studied and the results indicated that over the alleged 60 million years, these animals have not changed at all in their appearance. The crocodile fossil discovered matches the structure of today’s crocodile.

The only logical conclusion was that, there is no way that its only man species that has evolved over time to become today’s human. Most of the other discovered species have remained the same.

Actually many scientists and archeologists have found so many gaps in the evolution theory.

Am not religous.

You can enroll for an archeology course at the UoN. Better still, study animal sciences at UoN Kabete. Once you are through with the BSc, come here and tell us what you’ve learnt.

He has just written a summary of what he’ll be taught if he enrolls for such courses

Do Kenyan archeology professors even have an idea of how to excavate? I cant go back to school maze, maybe just to learn foreign languages.

Thank you sir.

If it’s true, why don’t we see people devoloping, two hands, three eyes etc.or how long does it take.
[SIZE=1]Wait, uwesmake has five joints[/SIZE]

we are evolving gradually, but mentally, we are evolving so fast.
Just imagine what we have been able to achieve today as compared to 200 years ago

Agreed. Look at the babies born 2 years ago. They are soo smart that we as 7 year olds cannot be compared to them

A study hyas shown that this decade will result in the growing up of babies who will be smarter than any other species before. And i t has been estimated that their longevity, especially in Asia, the average life span will be 135 years.

That’s a new to me I thought the lifespan was gradually decreasing

No, it has actually been gradually increasing as newer and newer medical breakthroughs are being sought.

When a mosquito develops resistance to an insecticide for example, that is evolution. When the drugs you used to take for malaria cannot kill the plasmodium parasite, it means the critters have evolved and developed resistance. Evolution is not necessarily something visible with naked eyes like getting an extra hand. But always question everything.

And learn some statistics while you’re at it, itakusaidia ku avoid hyperbole generalizations like in this article. People aren’t necessarily smarter than before, the population has increased leading to more competitive behaviour and also more exposure to news about things we consider smart, other scientists actually argue that we are growing dumber, other than that the average modern man isn’t physiologically distinguishable from a cro-magnon man who lived 12000 years ago.

Hehehe, that sample is not representative therefore it’s findings are biased. Over billions of species have existed, so in this grand scale of things, what proportion do 30 species represent? My point, you can’t conclude anything at this stage. However, it’s a valid hypothesis

Survival for the fittest has made humans smarter, you tend to support my opinion actually. This competitive behavior is what is leading this massive improvement in the mental capabilities of humans. As resources become meagre, so do we try to look for alternatives. Thats why as all natral resources get dimished, man will have to find ways of existing. Thats the smartness we are talking about.

This was highlighted as being one of the drawdowns of this theory.

No theory is complete on its own. Each has its weakness and extra research is always needs to fill this fault lines. As scientists we are always ready to modify theories in presence of new evidence.

Smart isn’t a word I would use, we are just better adapted to live in this world than we are in the past. And survival for the fittest is a very misleading term which implies that physical fitness determines our survival when in reality it’s natural selection that does, there are many fit animals that have been eliminated by nature through disasters such as climate change. You need to brush up on your knowledge of the ‘theory’.

Evolution becomes necessary to make a species “fitter” for its current environment. Hence the reason why some will evolve while others apparently dont. My “theory” is that evolution is still taking place some aspects are visible (major changes) while other aspects of evolution are not (fine tuning)

@747Captain The current theory that makes the most sense in relation to humans is that different species of humans came along in the timeline. Some survived and some dud not.

Some inter’bred’ with those that could survive in order to survive as well(Neanderthal + African = Mzungu)

The most complete current homo sapien sapien is a branch of Sudanese people and a branch of the Khoi/San.