evidence that there is more than one beast.

according to united states of America,there is only one beast,one marine 1 and one air force 1,but there has always been a speculation by conspiracy theorist claiming that united state of America owns more than each.if i can recall well,when US deputy vice president mr Kelly was in kenya,he was using more than one armored cars,identical,similar,same color,same shape,same size, but one was a decoy while the other was the actual

to your surprise,the same applies to the president…ask yourself,now that we know that the “beast” is kenya,what is Obama using to attend state functions???private car???less important car???..also,the marine one in kenya,what is obama using to to move in short distances and mostly moving back to capital hill…the answers are that he is using another beast and a marine 1,even on his visit i will not be surprised if Obama will be traveling in a convoy of more than one “beasts” one of them being a decoy.

lastly,obamas visit during the uhuruto says alot about kenya -Us relationship…we might be more important than we think…


http://static.businessinsider.com/image/508018c96bb3f79a6c000011-400/image.jpg huyu jamaa mahali ametoa hii article yeye tu ndio anajua. Then its not a secret that there is more than one car, heli and the jet

Yes that one, that’s why I was shocked you could ask, Kelly mgani.

What’s the point of contention anyway. Isn’t it in the public domain that Airforce one isn’t really one, that’s the flight code assigned to the plane he’s using at any particular moment. And if they can afford many Airforce ones, how many beasts can’t they make?

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Yaani you figured all that by yourself!

hehehehehehehe its jope Biden not kelly…poleni msinichome

Mr. @wonderful wonder kindly read through your post again, slooooowly, see if it makes sense.

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He wouldn’t be @wonderful wonder if his posts were coherent.


more like awful wonder, i dare say. na kuna vile naivasha haipeleki huyu jamaa poa…


There’s only so much donkey meat that a man can eat and remain normal.


I second that. This guy’s posts are barely sensible.

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kuna 8 beasts in total

To their secret service, yenye amepanda ndio airforce one, marine one, beast one, taxi one, nduthi one, probox one, tuktuk one, umoinner one, Akamba one, kensilver one, stagecoach one, riakanau one, cheki maneno one, etc.



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hio ndio kuwa wonderfully and fearfully made