Evidence againsts Sonko

Having watched Sonko’s impeachment, I must say am very disappointed by the members of the Senate.How can they,one after the other,speak so passionately about the evidence tabled against sonko not reaching the threshold for impeachment, about how deeper investigations against sonko should have been done,about how there was irregularity in the way sonko was impeached by the county assembly and still go ahead and vote yes?I have new mad respect for Ledama Olekina and Murkomen who stood their ground againsts their political masters and voted No.Wengine wote are nothing but political tumbocrats who are scared of being on the bad side of their political bosses in 2022.

kama Senate sanitized waiguru despite all the accusations and evidence, it is a house full of robots. what matters is what cic wants. I think they’ll force bbi down our throats, sioni wakiwachilia.

the fact is Sonko is a thug that has brought Nairobi into its worst low. he thought he was un-impeachable. he had to be taken out using whichever means.

wewe unaongea ushenzi niambie if ingekuwa court imu impeach how many years ingechukua if kesi ya Goldenberg na Ouko murder haijawai isha. thats the reason we have a political process to circumvent bullshit. hizo evidence unauliza ni gani Sonko is on record about jailbreaking and the prisons dept have the documentation and it will comeout . SONKO WONT BE CLEARED FOR A BY ELECTION. take that to KWFT

Sonko fate was sealed elsewhere. It’ll be naive to think Senate convened to determine his competence.

niko na kilo nichangieni smirnoff quarter nitoe lock na dirisha:D

Ofcourse. Hiyo impeachment it was a mere formality they just needed to be seen following the law lakini the mf goose was cooked longtime.

Deeper investigations yet he is under prosecution?

I wodered to myself at how one chooses to be neutral on the vote (e.g Sakaja) knowing very well the lobbying that was done behind the scenes was enough to kick sonko out.

Corona should be given the exact coordinates ya senate!! To do it’s thing

Nothing stops Sonko from running in '22 as Governor. He will be back.

wastage of time. The verdict was predetermined

His goose was cooked when he fought Uhuru’s appointee Badi and refused to release the 27 B to NMS to carry out Uhuru’s nairobi rejuvenation projects. Uhuru had to show Sonko who is boss. There was no way Uhuru was to sit back and watch as sonko frustrated his work in nairobi.

playing safe with the Nairobi Sonko base for 2022. Sakaja and Mutula jnr are just cowards with no spine takataka

Deep state. This thing was decided kwingine. The process was a formality. That said, I cry no tears for Sonko although his removal is constitutionally suspect.

Hapo pa Waiguru they made a mockery of themselves

That’s plausible

I don’t like Sonko and his childish theatrics but the way in which he was removed from power is totally unfair and undemocratic.