Everyone wants to be with Uhuru!!!


Do we really need some of these desperados? I don’t think so…

Shahbal and Balala are doing it already without making diva demands. Remember, this guy came third but he’s asking for a ring-side seat, in typical Wiper fashion.


Correction:Every desperate loser wants to be with Uhuru.

Hassan Omar will only destabilize the coastal jubilee bandwagon,it would be better if they avoided him.

They are part of the evil wakora network.

What about when munya joined NASA , mlisema yeye Ni looser si mlicerebrate. Now you have koigi Wa wamwere only got 17 votes

Nyani za JaKuon hazioni kundule, but we can see them…


johos silence is already giving mombasa voters a reason to vote for uhuru. they wont see the reason as why to vote for NASA

He came with nothing,left with nothing. We are fine with the 5-7% from Meru.

0.1% to be specific

:eek::eek::eek:No… 0.1% is way to much…

0.00000315% close to accuracy…

Uhuru aende akatie hassan :D:D



He learnt from the best…The MELON himself.

And I wonder why…
Is it because they want a position in his government?
At this point I doubt even Mama Ida believes Raila will get anywhere close to State House.

Your math teacher…acha tu!

Joho was leading demonstrations today