Everyone is saved.

Nowadays, i have noted in social gatherings that everyone who stands to speak is a born again Christian. They all start their speeches with a ’ praise the Lord’ and wax on about how christian they are even before they indulge in the main item of their speech. Is this real? Are people putting on a holiness veil before multitudes but are evil in the cover of darkness? Our society is totally rotten and it only reflects who we are at worst.

Ni shida my friend.

Shida gani? It’s not the lowlifes who like confessing but the really big shots who are experts on it. Starting with Bwana Ruto.

The blame lies squarely at the foot of church leaders. Corruption would be a thing of the past if they refused to accept donations from questionable sources.


Its just how low IQ people are appealing to other low IQ people.

Yes absolutely. If they said you know what, no holy communion or confession privileges until you have completed a lifestyle audit and cleared your name for whatever transgression out there.
Failure to do so, the church will formally excommunicate you and if you die, the church won’t bury you. You will be buried like a dog. Religious people like some of our politicians would think twice. Lakini pesa ni mbaya, that faith leaders have lost their moral compass and authority.

faith leaders were never moral in the first place. dictatorships, theft, slavery etc are all propped up by the church and have been all time.

Huyo ni cover for his myriad of shady activities.

hypocrites. even WSR greets crowds with “Bwana asifiwe…”

Christian sheep are the easiest to manipulate no matter what part of the world you look at.

Hii mbisha ni ya wapy n wat waz happening?

Look up the “Jonestown massacre.”
Mass suicide at Jonestown | November 18, 1978 | HISTORY

Mimi hata kwa bar nashika chupa ya tusker juu nasema ‘ASIFIWE!!!’


It is the new salutation

Waliambiwa wakunywe sumu ati ni mungu amesema

They say religion is the opium of the masses which is true…That is the only place weak souls go to seek comfort and it is what society deems right.That is why people address people with PRAISE GOD…even in board meetings.

Kuna MC fulani aliambia watu wakiitwa hapo mbele ni kutwanga wimbo au speech mara moja. Tunajua umeokoka na unaenda mbinguni. :D:D Save us please.

Hi Purple how are you doing?

Powa. :slight_smile: