Every Young Man Under 30 Should Read This

Women waste their youth by riding the cock carousel until it is too late when they hit the wall.

Young men waste their man-hours by doing dumb sh#t until it is too late to recover financially - compound interest is a b*tch.

Imagine waking up to this realization at 40, and trying to catch up with someone who has been grinding like a maniac in his most energetic years since 23 (17 years difference). You realize that you have wasted a ton of man-hours on booze, hoes, and other dumb sh#t (not necessarily money because you didn’t have much anyway) for 17 years. Nothing wrong with the dumb stuff as long as you keep it to a minimum so that it doesn’t affect your productivity significantly.

You may not have a wall like women, but boy you better be working 60+ hours a week without fail to get ahead in life.

Young men wacheni kudanganywa…pesa hukuja wakati wowote…you can make it at 20 or at 45…cha muhimu is to strike a balance when in your 20s…make money but also have fun…lots of fun…screw as many women as you can in your 20s…and if you can, make money…but if you cant you still have time…if you can’t make money in your 20s no worries…you still have time to make it in your 30s or 40s. Some of of us made money and got doctorates in our 20s but doesn’t make us any different from those doing it in their 40s.

That’s a very stupid approach in life. Nothing happens on accident. Usifikirie usipojituma mapema zitakupata penye uko. Hii mentality yako ni ya a very lazy person. Lastly, I don’t remember saying that young men should not have fun. They should, but not at the expense of their dreams.

Truth is subjective and never absolute. I guess what Mikel is saying is that life is not “linear” or “guaranteed”. Hakuna manual. Songa na pace yako

Kukosa manual haimaanishi you shouldn’t make the smartest move at the specific age you are in. Huwezi waste your youth giving dumb excuses like “life haina formula”. First do your best halafu ungoje life to run its course. You can’t just sleepwalk through life claiming haina formula to justify stupid decisions, especially as a man.

Only idiots think they can make it in life…make what …ishi Maisha on your terms then die…at any time in between…nobody really cares and it doesn’t matter much

What exactly is the importance of fucking as many women as possible? Is there a specific goal it helps achieve ama ni body count tu. Ama kusharpen their sex skills?

:D:D:D:D:D sijui kwaninin nacheka

Well, does giving your best produce instant results or results at all?

It’s not guaranteed. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

You went to uni for four years without a guarantee that you would find work. Why?? Because it was the smart thing to do despite the absence of guarantees. Just because something has no guarantees doesn’t mean that the expected payoff isn’t worth it. You knew that having the education and papers places you in an advantageous position, even though it does not guarantee employment. Use the same logic.

There is a lot more that goes into a man’s success than grinding 60 hours a week. A lot more.

Nobody said working 60+ hours is the only requirement. You can work for many hours at the wrong things. Even if you work hard at the right things, the results are not guaranteed…but…the odds favor you compared to the guy wasting time.

Indeed, life has a formula; you must WORK like ant.

‘A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest and poverty will attack you like an armed robber.’ Proverbs 24:33-34

Upus …when you realize that men hit their financial stride between 45 and Late fifties …

There is no format to making it big . Wacha hasira. People are born into money, others make it before 22,some at 50 but it all tumbles down to nought. What you gave is a blue print, doesn’t mean its 100% ,but its good to plan… with common sense off course

Who said its 100%??? You guys have a bad habit of misinterpreting posts and then arguing against that misinterpretation.

Boss, utapasuka veins ju ya hasira:D:D
Amka asubuhi, piga wera, rudi nyumbani lisha familia kama uko nayo , jiwekee ka tusker kako baridiiiii kujiambia kongratuleshenz for the day … Hio ingine ni presha unajiletea. We all make our paths and are contented. What is good for kamau does not work for odongo

You have said the truth. No one cares.

Siku hizi Kuna wash wash so you can make it anytime you want…hard work na kujipanga doesn’t pay anymore

Shida ya hii nugu he’s always comparing himself with other na kudhani Kila mtu anataka chenye yeye anataka…pia he thinks people are poor wengine wetu were born millionaires