Every lady should know this

I am not a ‘perfect’ lady, in fact
growing up, I was a Tomboy. I
loved jeans,tee-shirts and stuff.
I can say that for the longest
time I was comfortable with
being just a girl. I however
slowly evolved and learnt my
manners, to be classy, elegant
and still working to be polite J .
Can a girl be a lady you ask?
Well with the help of the below
basic and very straight forward
tips it is more than possible!
Weaves: Unless you have a
contract with birds to hatch
their eggs, I don’t see why else
you would keep a bird’s nest
on your head! If you can’t
afford weekly or biweekly
change of weave, please go
natural and keep off weaves.
Well kept weaves are extremely
elegant and to die for. Not only
are unkempt weaves unsightly
but I feel for the man who
shares your bed…eeeewwww!
Shave, shave, shave: I love bus
rides, okay to the airport the
only option we have is bus
rides, otherwise I love this 14-
seaters because in my mind
they are faster. So one very hot
afternoon I spotted a lady that
looked say very eye catching,
(no I am not gay, but I
appreciate beauty.) When the
bus started to move of course
she had to raise her arms to
hold the rails to support
herself. Good greave! I changed
my opinion immediately! There
was an extremely big bush
under her armpits. I shook my
head in disgust and wanted to
automatically hand her a razor.
Why oh why would you invest in
armpit hair? Shave, shave! It
takes less than two minutes of
your bath time and will keep
you sweat free and you can
comfortably do vests and all
strapless tops all you want.

so you’re a lady right??