Everton v Arsenal Spurs v Liverpool

First of all, my opinion is that the EPL is gone. City have won it. They are the best team by a mile.

Anyway, today I had predicted Arsenal win against Everton but after seeing the squad, Metresacker as CB and Koscielny as LB, I don’t see that happening.

Spurs v Liverpool GG


Mbona huyu mzee hataki kuanzisha Wilshere, after a stellar performance midweek?

Wenger will kill Wilshere’s career. Ramsey akule bench Wilshere’s aanze

Everton 1-0 Arsenal.
Rooney 12mins.

Bloody hell! Kplc ni mang’ombe bila mkia!!!:mad::mad::mad:

1-1 Nacho Monreal. Powerful left

Mi naona Xhaka au Ozil, mmoja atolewe.

mbona @Mathaais hajaona hiyo? Ama alizima tv right after…

Is pickford this good or are they just aiming at him?

Watoe Xhaka

But it has already been posted.

Kuna time Gueye amelemea Ozil na Xhaka sana.

Ule xhaka ni maembe that’s like the 5-8th goal he has cost Arsenal this season alone! :smiley:

xhaka a liability as always…weka le coq apo bana, this xhaka quy cant tackle for his life:mad::mad:

Niko ready just incase Mr bean decides to throw us over board!

Coq or Elneny wapewe chance sasa, Xhaka aume bench kiasi…

Yaani Rooney ameoa arsenal hata akienda crystal palace bado atatufunga …same goes for drogba anaweza toka retirement bado atukamue two strong shots!

Ata mimi niko tayari.


Lecoq ako chini zaidi. Better ule Egyptian

The wizard of ozi, …