Ever since I started listening to Internet Radio, Classic FM has become very boring


But, I still love KBC’s Sundowner.

I started using internet radio to listen to Sundowner as Radio was not clear uku bundus.
The music on other stations, the Djs from other countries are like a whole new level. Whenever I listen to the local Djs, Classic Fm, I can tell you which songs they will play, whichj song is next, etc.

I would have told you to download the TuneIn app lakini hio station yako ni UK only.

Why don’t you use a service like Spotify (for self curated playlists) if you only listen for the music?


mimi lazima nisikie sauti ya mtangazaji


Zip FM

Radio garden to broaden your horizons…tune in ilikua poa but sikuhizi wamejaza ads

Mixcloud ndio kusema