Eurostar ES-9600

Vipi Wadau?

I am a newbie on matters FTA. Thanks to you for the informative threads I have been reading here.

I have a GTV decoder, which I have used to nab Nilesat-201 and Eutelsat 7A birds on the 90cm offset dish. I just can’t seem to tune in to the built in FTA Channels on Eutelsat 7A.

Today, I bought ES-9600. I was convinced by the fact that it receives MPEG2 channels. Attached is the effidence…

Was it a hit or a miss?
Thank you.

almost all decoders receive/dec mpeg2 quality feed. Next time focus on h265 but all is not lost. Hio Nilesat-201 unapata channel gani and whats your location

Hoping things will turn out well.
I locked on Nilesat-201 using a GTV decoder but the damn thing wouldn’t allow me to receive any channel. And this is the reason why I purchased this ES decoder. I should be able to know by tomorrow and will update you accordingly.
My location is Eldama Ravine (60km NW of Nakuru).

@Luther12 Kam utoe maoni yako

tunaenda 4k wee ndio uko mpeg 2

A miss after all the lectures from @Luther12 @Meria Mata and @Giggz aka village hawker bado unaangukia hii mefi?you should have gon for v7 combo

I thought it was a good deal…
But I guess kuna a starting point for everything… I’ll start looking for better a one when in Nairobi.

Just realized this mess. But what to do now?
Anyhow, I received 29 channels on Eutelsat 7A, mostly French. I’ll try Nilesat-201 in a few minutes to see if I can get more English channels.
But as for a better decoder, I’ll need to buy it from Nairobi.
Thanks bro.

If you bought from a shop you can go back and renegotiate and get atleast an mpeg 4 decorder atleast that one will serve you for sd content but with that one…

I’ll go back today. I hope they’ll have it.

All will receive and decide MPEG2. It’s MPEG4 that’s not automatic. Just like some will receive DVB-S2 or DVB-S.

There’re very few FTA English channels on that sat, if any. Umekuwa ukijisumbua bure.

:eek: How now? :frowning:

Mostly due to DVB-S/S2 manenos. Your initial decoder was S only.

Uko ravine pande gani

Of all the decoders in the market you bought a vitz while just by adding a K would have got a Mercedes (freesat V7 combo) l

This is now where practice meets theory.
A steep learning curve.
However, all is not lost because I have nabbed NSS7 KU (with so many channels, MBC included) and Nilesat.
Tuseme tu ni ujinga nimekuwa nayo lakini as I said, this is a learning curve. I’ll buy an mpeg4 decoder when in Nairobi.

I thought mpeg2 was the ultimate quality but I know better now:oops::oops:

 I am mad with myself. I bought it at 3k. So you want to tell me I could get a V7 combo at 4k? Nimejibwaga.
I hope those who sold it to me will accept to exchange it for me.

Yes, I realized that and that is why I went for this new damn thing.
But will come out of this, somehow.

Nimekutumia inbox.