European Union vs Africa

Airlines operating within the European Union can have domestic flights in any nation within the EU.
Airlines operating in Africa cannot operate domestic flights in any other country othet than the flag country.

You cannot move from Arusha to Mwanza with Kenya Airways without going through Nairobi or Mombasa first.

You cannot move from Goma to Kinshasa with Kenya Airways without first passing through Nairobi.

You cannot go to Entebbe Uganda from Nairobi with Ethiopian Airlines without first passing through Ethiopia.

How will you develop your continent?

What the f.ukkery is this madness?

There’re some countries in West Africa, for them to visit each other, they have to go all the way to France.

That’s why they are called the EU. They have a common constitution. Africa is just a conglomerate of independent nations. Every country has to protect itself from others who don’t protect themselves. You see by joining EU, they have kept predators like China at bay.

African countries zafaa kulearn kwa ile msemo ya martin luther ya “learn to live together as brothers otherwise you will perish together as fools.”

How would you like Ethiopian airlines shifting to the nairobi-mombasa or nairobi-eldoret route and replace KQ and jambojet?

all that will change soon , the AFCTA - africa free trade area something , will start operating in 4 days

It will reduce the cost of transport for the locals, kq na jambojet zitafanya biashara congo enye iko na over 100 airports

Africans are too selfish, myopic and lack vision for the future. They just think of how to fill their bloated stomachs and nothing else.