Europe and its Stupidity; See Now What is Happening...........

Europeans - Whites - like to pretend they are more civilised than anybody else.

So, they tell you: abolish the death penalty. Open your doors to Muslim ‘refugees’. Bla bla bla…

In this same village, we told them they were gonna pay dearly for this soft-soft approach. They said we didn’t know nothing and Mama Merkel flew open the door for all manner of terrorists from the Middle East and North Africa.

Now what do you have?

Two motor vehicle attacks in Spain. A knife attack in Finland (first ever terror attack). A total of 20 people dead and double that injured. All within 24 hours.

Even in poor backward Kenya that would qualify as a massacre, but what do we know?

And the Jihadis who fought with ISIS haven’t returned yet. Instead of being shot dead they’ll be jailed for three years and then released - that’s how Europe does its things.

The only thing I can say, choices have consequences.

Me, I am just enjoying the show; Europe Must Fall!


In Kenya terrorists kill police for fun. They walk in, raid a police station or kidnap a CS and walk out.


Tulia Mzee tunaona man ancestors wakikamuliwa hkmmt ,tutajibu jioni

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Probably she underrated the effectiveness of sleeper cells. These Muslim ferkers can lie low for years integrating with the local communities and passing of as good natured, friendly, law abiding citizens and all this time they are planning attacks.


One of the things I laugh about is the European belief that these people can be ‘integrated’. The poor whites forget that the kind of Islam that many of these guys practice, the Islam of Isis, considers even moderate Muslims or those that practice a different version like Shias to be kaffirs. Guys come from the Middle East and North Africa with an extremely radical view of things, enjoy the freedoms and sins of Europe (whores, beer, drugs) then they feel guilty and get into a truck to kill ‘heathens’ to ‘atone’ so that they can inherit their 72 virgins.

How can you integrate such people? Europe itakipata for the next few decades…


EU countries are now proposing security laws that would make North Korea envious. To hell with privacy, snoop on everything by law. They don’t care about hypocrisy anymore.


It’s all planned.


Those who always yap about the usa this and that. Its also another fake canaan. The white man feels threatened and they start marching like an army in the streets.
The full rise of white extremist “groups”. If this was another country the UN, nato would be mobilized.


Liberalism cannot make people love each other. Halafu west Africans are sailing to Italy in boatloads, the browning of Europe rapidly continues. Caucasians will become minorities in their own countries.


It’s a fake Canaan indeed. I’ve been thinking hard, had these been heavily armed Africans in the streets of Kenya supporting black supremacy, can you imagine the hysteria coming from cnn and the likes? But you know what? I felt nothing but pity on white Americans for their delusions on supremacy. Little do they know how much they’ve been overtaken. As I make my sojourn back to that land all I can say is that Kenyans have challenged me. I’m humbled. What westerners think of Africa is not real. Kenya is the best investment destination bar none. And it’s home as well. Europe and America are history, done and dusted.


For once let us in dirt poor uncivilized Africa sit and enjoy the show…


Sis, my girls/boys are doing so well in other African Countries. Africa is the place to be.

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And pls separate Europe from stupid Americans My Ngakuhereeeee reee.

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But I propose vumbistanis be allowed to keep guns kama pale Trumpstan. Nikitoka job nadara AK47 before nilale.

No. This I refuse.

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Sis, ebu tuchangamke. There’s a delusional sense of pride that overcomes one after living in wazungu countries. I think how lucky I am to be living in Europe or America. Fake propaganda! :DKenyans are making crazy money in that vumbistan, money I can only dream of. But I think that window of opportunity will close soon as land prices skyrocket out of reach. The only good thing with Steto is access to cheap credit. I think our kind should fully capitalize on this.


niajea mrembo. Msee anaeza ingia Trumpstan illegally aje.


Jaribu through Canada, or you can overstay your student visa. Lakini boss why do that? Kenya ni kupoa. Opportunities kibao, just open your eyes! In this Trump era, being an illegal means living like a sewage rat.


Sis Rwanda, UG, SA, Botswana, Zim are places my friends are raking it biiiiiig. And they are home every weekend when they wish.