Europe-Africa (Ni Kubaya Majambazi)>>When It Rains, It Pours

Let me first take you nuts down memory lane: Last year, Mzito Xi Jinping pledged $60bn (6 trillion) for Africa late last year; and now Europe joins the fray out of fear of competition. Having two options sounds like a nice deal after all.

Europe has decided to invest 40 billion euros in Africa. That is roughly Kshs 4 trillion.

Nigeria juzi wamesema wako ndani–ndaaaani kabisa…hii maneno ya African Continental Free Trade Area could turn out to be the dose of medicine that Africans needed to wake up from slumber

****Somalis and Chinese must behave :mad::mad::mad::mad:. Kwanza wariahe tumewacheki tena sana. Huwezi kam kwangu useme that corner ya shamba mahali mimi hukojoa leisurely ni yako. That is a call for war!

The European Union Commission fully supports the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) and is proposing a 40 billion Euro package to attract investments that would create at least 10 million jobs in Africa.

This was revealed by Ambassador Ranieri Sabatucci, the EU Ambassador to the African Union, in an opening address to a two-day Horn of Africa AfCFTA forum focusing on the pharmaceutical industry.

“As was highlighted by the EU Commission President, Juncker, in his state of the union speech in September last year, referring to the AfCFTA, he expressed the wish that the long term perspective is to create a comprehensive continent to continent free trade agreement between EU and Africa,” he said.

They want to consolidate the African market so that they exploit us more efficiently. Its not good for us. This is something initiated by them, not us.
AfCFTA is good for the producers, and we are just consumers. EU and China and the other powers will be having us for dinner, the easy way

It’s the high time we ejected illegal foreigners in our land. Jaguar has just blown the whistle and the rest of us need to spring into action!

FDI is something Africa desperately needs to build infrastructure. When roads, bridges, seaports, airports, railway lines and electricity supply are there you will see Africans competing with the rest on a level playing field.
This is why China is doing a great job.
The EU will spend that $40B on FGM, Gender Equality, LGBTQ ushenzi.
Not all gifts of money should be accepted because some gifts go on to destroy the recipients

Huyu coach wa Chelsea ameingia financial industry kama mimi ?


:D:D:Dor some other such shit

Yeah! But when they supported the re-election of that demagogue you were here quoting them by the minute.


Still NOT sufficient!!
Wealth of a nation is much than what citizen pockets!!
Firstly, learn the mordern history of china

And half the budgets will be wasted on administrative functions.