EU happy with IEBC progress on repeat polls

The EU Observer Mission has Lauded IEBC for adhering to most of the 18 recommendations it outlined for the Oct 26 repeat elections.

                      ~ The Star

Escape routes zinazidi kufungika kwa yule jamaa

Never ever ever trust a mzungu.

You only do so at your own peril. Ask the Maasai or the Aborigines or the Native Americans and their so-called treaties…

Kwa hivyo sasa wazungu wamekuwa wazuri?

Cant fail to notice how quickly you turned the message to one about the messenger? Is this perhaps because you didn’t like the message? There is a technical term for that frailty, if you are interested.

Ichieni! Quote where i’ve ever disparaged EU observers or any other observer for that matter. Senji

Umecatch kweli

Just quote where @Budspencer has disparaged the EU. The issue as to whether he has ‘caught’ (whatever that is) , is thus here nor there.


You’re one of three i really try to avoid in this forum coz of their upstairs. Niondokee priss

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There is ignore button

Thank you. One to go

Simple …Quote, kunyonya is something else altogether contextually speaking.