EU and USA Will Be Begging For Immigrants By 2022, Wazungu Wanakufa Kama Mbwa

Hii kitu itamaliza White Europeans and Americans, It is a job creation tool invented by the Chinese to wipe of EU and US. Long Live Chairman Xi.

Here is one of El Paso’s Texas Mortuary filled to the brim


Tunaomba hii covid ingie pale parliament hivo ndivyo tutastock pile greedy Kenyans politicians Kwa parliament.

‘arian’ race itaisha…i hope african union takes this rare opportunity to make africa work and move forward… there won’t be such an apportunity to grow kama si saa hii

We will flock there in droves and convert those nations into slums, that is our specialty.

iingie pia statehouse capitol hill na sugoi

Tuongee when the death toll reaches millions

Wakakufe wote mbwa hao. Vile waliua innocent Africans I will never feel any mercy for them.

Who can tell with any degree of certainty that those are not mannequins much less that that’s actually a recent photo taken in a real morgue.

kichwa maji

US still take 50,000 expats every year though DVP program. Eourope never run out of immigrants. Besides, Eastern Europe supply required manpower during harvest in late summer and autumn. Kenyan’s benefited sometimes back harvesting for Poles. Good job by the way.

Rona or no Rona…these countries are always short of employees for certain jobs. Important jobs so that the countries can run smoothly. So I don’t quite understand why mad man Trump locks out immigrants so ruthlessly. All he needs is to let them in, give them papers so that they can work easily and gava can monitor their movements.
The UK will def be hiring after exiting the EU.

Watu husahau Obama pia yeye alikuwa ana deport alot of immigrants bila huruma. Trump just took it further by building the wall.
Shida ya Europe wamekuwa tramatized by mwarabu sijui kama watakujia Africans?

Hizo ni bodies zimekaa kama magunia ya mahindi? Enyewe all is vanity

It’s on the internet. Bonobos think that if it’s on the internet then it must be true/real.

Yes my friend. Imagine kuna mtu hapo amechill kwa shelf baridi na kwake nje kuna Audi na BMW kwa parking, 65 inch TVs tano kwa hao ya 6 bedrooms, insurance policy ya 350K USD na saa hii ameuma pamba wala hajijui

maskini ata wewe utauma pamba na machungu zako zote. it wont be any sweeter.

stupid logic. Poor people die too…Miserably too

I know, that is why I insist it is all vanity

Wameona moto. Mwarabu influx and the terrorist attacks is one of the factors that made Brits vote LEAVE the EU. The UK had said they will open the points system like the one in Australia in 2021. Have not followed up on that but one thing I can guarantee is that they will be hiring nurses and Drs and Kenya is on the list.
One condition is that they will have to relocate to the North, I don’t see no prob there.