Eti SufferingCom wamefanya nini?

Reverse Call is back.

It’s no longer “Please call me, thank you.” now, they’re now enforcing us to foot the bill of the caller.

I liked “Please call me” better coz it was a message that you could ignore and call later, but this “Reverse Call” shiet will be heard to ignore.

Fwerk SufferingCom.

Wacha kusumbua na recycle.meffi mkamba

Weka link ya previous post, na uwache umama. Blaari fwerkin!

How devious do you want the post be dear? Just asking

fwerk chloe

:smiley: sina io tyme
Wacha nimeze kamnyweso yangu forefore

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Safaricom’s Chief Customer Officer Sylvia Mulinge explained that the feature was created in line with the needs of consumers who are always seeking to stay connected with their loved ones.

I never return such calls and will also refuse to foot the bill. If a person cannot spare 4 bob to say hello to me, I am not their ‘loved one’. Upuss!

Feisty…I like


Sasa @Chloe