Eti hii nyumba ni 23M. Kwani Athi River kulipanda bei hivyo?

Nice houses but 23m is a lot to pay for them.

That’s too much

Lol nice way of advertising

too expensive man

Hio mbeca ni mob tu sana though plan nayo hapana mbaya

Real estate valuation is done differently. The value of this property is given as what the value will be at the ‘peak’ of its appreciating lifetime, say 25 years.
So the price is right.

With that amount of money i can get a better beach front house down under na nibaki na pesa ya jeep and other stuff. When did houses become this expensive in kenya:eek:


i’m hunting for a property and i came across this and therefore wanted to hear views about that overpriced house.

wapi huko nihamie?

Re read.


then i think hata mimi niko Australia

:D:D:D:D…ala! pia wewe ni fan ya stima???

Kuja twende concert yao November

It didn’t become expensive. It became overvalued and overspeculated. We all know that those houses pictured didn’t cost more than 10m to build. Is the value of the land truly worth 13m? Ama wanacharge for barabara na neighbours kuanika nguo nje?


ya Brisbane ama Sydney?

Hahaha, i see what you are trying to do:p

Wapi huyu jamaa wa mjengo @uncle nyam akuje aseme kama hiyo value ni ya ukweli

At most each unit cost 4 million to build