Ethiopia vs. Kenya

Anyone here watched the game?
How was our performance?


Just seen photos of their stadium… Wish Kenya would come out in similar numbers on Sunday at Kasarani.
We need to beat them, then go force a draw at worst in Ghana.

I watched. Tumeponea manze.

The country has a population of 104 million

Wasee walikuwa wanashangaa na Egypt coz. stadiums used to be full hivi na kila mtu ako na ka flag. Kumbe karao wote na military guys ambao hawako duty walikuwa wanamrishwa ku attend such marches.
Hapa nashuku something similar.

Niliona jusi ni kaa ulilenga story kuwa wewe ni ngombe msee sana. Lakini it’s the truth.

First half was boring especially for our boys. They lacked urgency and there was a lot of lethargy in the team probably because of the lack of team training. However, tactical discipline was evident and Ethiopia did not threaten much.

Second half was more lively from both sides and each side scored an offside goal. Erick Ouma brought pace to the left wing and the inclusion of Paul Were also brought some urgency on the right side.

On the downside, our creative midfielders were a bit out of sync and that includes Kahata and Johanna Omollo who had to be substituted.

Overall, it was a balanced match and both teams deserved a draw. My opinion is that Ethiopia is beatable by one or two goals.

I thank the boys for the draw. Though I wanted a win, but one point si baya

si mbaya away game

If Sierra Leone remains suspended si basi 4 points is enough to qualify?

Ethiopians like their football. Wao jujaza stadi even for league matches. Hapa Kenya ni EPL tu.

Sierra Leone are appealing and will soon be restored. Kwa hivyo hi game ya Sunday ni crucial. Endeni Kasarani mushangilie team.