Ethiopia bana

POTUS deserves better






He he he, hiyo ni carpet ya Msikiti?

Relax Buda, sikusema wote ni Muslims.

I am VERY sure that is not the point he was making

Persian carpet.

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That is not what you will buy at Gikomba. Made in Ethiopia for royalty. For them, that is the highest treatment they can accord a dignitary.


I still prefer what Kenya had for POTUS in terms of the choice of carpet

Ok…bt thats a beautiful & expensive carpet right there

Look at the first photo. Hata haijastraighteniwa

If that is what Ethiopia has got then its okay. If they had nothing he would have to step on the soil.


hio ni stairs inafanya hivyo…

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Why cant you complain what uhuru steps on when he goes to Ethiopia. Kenyan president might be more important to Ethiopia than POTUS for all I know.
I remember when new Kenyan president would forget the red carpet and walk right across the grass leaving officials confused.

it looks shabby, it might be the good stuff but their presentation is shoddy.


Hiyo spelling mistake in last pic ni issue?

The carpet is a reflection of their Arabian interactions and cultural integration.

Hiyo poster vesting Ethiopia Ama was meant to be. visiting Ethiopia

We borrowed the red carpet culture from the colonialists, I hear even the Ethiopian calendar is different. So maybe they were also looking at our pictures and wondering " What the hell are these wannabe Brits doing?" Atleast they have the balls to not be colonized and build upon their culture and heritage


They are in 2007.

We must also have balls big enough to adopt what was created by others if their products/ technology/ behaviors are better than ours, that is how we build each other up.

I think I will go and stay there. There is something wrong that I did in 2008 that I would like to undo.