Ethereum vs Solana vs Avalanche

I have been searching for a coin that can match ETH in terms of smart contract capabilities and scalability (both of which BTC lack), but minus the ridiculous gas fees and they have been staring at us this whole time. I can’t believe I sold sol at $25 for measly gains. Which do you think is the next market leader excluding BTC?


Shiba is pump and dump, I don’t think
the other 2 gaming will surpass smart contract in the long run.

Solana and anything to do with gaming nft, metaverse.

SHIB, even though they are burning coins, it’s a very very long shot. I would go for MANA and Solano

This is exactly why I don’t invest in crypto. I have very little knowledge regarding their fundamentals. Frankly, I have read a few white papers and I only understood the functions of those coins, not the technical aspects.

Even if I did, I would still be hesitant because of one thing. There are over 5000 coins. There are at least 100 coins for each function - at least. Do you have the skills and time to read and understand 100+ white papers and choose the best coin?? So even if you have the skills to understand the technical aspects of a white paper, you will still be gambling if you fail to read the remaining 99 white papers.

If there were reliable and liquid indices based on uses e.g defi index, exchange tokens index, NFT tokens index, etc, it would be significantly easier to invest in crypto because you diversify instantly i.e you invest in the entire group of currencies and don’t have to play the lottery. Unlike stocks, cryptos don’t have a long history so you can’t reasonably predict their future individually.

It’s like toe dot com era. 99% of the tech companies went to the crapper. 99% of all cryptos will never have any use cases. Investing in a single coin or just a few coins is risky. The only way you would have made your millions in almost guaranteed fashion is by buying an index fund with tech stocks only. Stop looking for a needle in the haystack. Buy the whole haystack at least you will be sure that the needle is in there somewhere.

Tech stocks are similar to crypto because they are lottery type investments (before they cash flow). It is very hard to analyze their fundamentals - even Warren Buffet admitted that he encountered difficulties analyzing tech stocks because they depended on being able to predict the future. For traditional stocks, you can simply analyze the financial statements and determine whether a stock is worth buying.

Below is the performance of two indices: S & P 500, and NDXT 100. S & P is for the general market, and NDXT is for tech stocks. The performance is from the 2008 market bottom to the current date.

S & P = +600%
NDXT = +1800%

As you can see above, if at the 2008 crash you bought individual tech stocks, you probably would have performed worse than if you bought the haystack NDXT. Also, you would have been right in your prediction that tech stocks will outperform the general market.

Yes, anaylsis takes time but by no means shy away from it. I was informed by someone about BTC in 2014 but I was too lazy to figure out what it was. However, now BTC has now been surpasses by many coins in terms of utility. It can only offer a store of value while others can offer complete ecosystems. It also now has a huge market cap which is a slight disadvantage as it won’t match the returns of lower cap coins.

The best coin does not necessarily need to have the best whitepaper. It needs to rise above the others and stay at the top. But you also need to rise with it to experience full gains. I only consider shitcoins as gambles but there is no need to condemn them as there are also ways to approach such risky investments. The problem is you are trying to find a single strategy to work on all your crypto investments which I don’t think is possible. Honestly, my only problem with crypto is whales as they are the ones who will initiate the bear market.

Bottom line is newer technology will always seem attractive than older tech. I prefer to get as much information as possible and also check if the preferred coins have passed the test of time to keep risk to a minimum.

avax is friendlier of the three, Ethereum will always carry the blue-chip money. terra is where you should be long term.

Unfortunately Terra is already overbought

htr is good

Fantom is another EVM compatible L1

I’m looking at moonriver and moonbeam (when it launches), it’s part of the polkatdot network. Apparently it will allow Ethereum/Evm based projects to deploy on the polkadot/kusama networks. The mcap is 600 million at this time. If the bull continues, those two projects should take off.

Kadena, quite promising