Esther passaris confirms miguna's allegations on gutter press

Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris has hit out at Garissa Town MP Aden Duale, calling him a boy toy. An angry Passaris said that, “Duale is younger than me. I don’t go out with boy toys, I go out with mature men.”
Their beef began roasting when Passaris went to Parliament and Duale, the Majority Leader, asked that she greet him but “I told him I can’t greet men who disrespect my party leader (Raila Odinga). He shouldn’t joke with me, or I will fight him mundu khu mundu.”
The disrespect Passaris was referring to was about Duale’s earlier dare to Raila to remove the IEBC from office ahead of the elections. “Raila kama wewe ni mwanaume kuja utoe IEBC. Ukitoa IEBC
tutatoa wale ma commissioner ambayo tunajua ni watu wako. Wamekaa kwa kila commission kuanzia Judicial Service Commission…”
Passaris then took a swipe at Duale questioning his age, level of education and upbringing.
“Can someone please tell me how old this man is? What’s his level of education? What’s his upbringing? What does he consume? I don’t get him,” she said.
Duale, in a swift rejoinder wrote: “To Passaris, am 50 yrs old, with decent humble Islamic upbringing, went to national schools and known universities, married to a decent wife with five sons. That’s Aden Duale. Am sorry I have no space (sic).”
Duale added that Passaris, despite being a Woman Representative with powers to legislate, represent and oversight, should know that he (Duale) is not part of her job.
“After you undergo the 12th Parliament orientation next week, we can then have a parliamentary leaders discourse. I am not ready for anything else.”

Gazeti lazima ziuzwe.


I don’t buy this whole crap of standard being a gutter press,…na utaona sana sana wenye wanaingilia ni wa mrengo wa Jubilee

Standard media ni gutter press mblo. Do you watch news on their stations?

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this old mama has just messed with the wrong dog, she has now started a 5yr term that will look as if it were 10,

honestly i thought it said ‘esther passaris confirms miguna amekuta hizo vitu’. let me show myself out----->

Recall the jkl where miguna told Passaris that she thinks all men want bed her and now this

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Passaris has that diva complex mentality. Mtu akija kwa space yake she thinks they wanna bang her.

Stranded media ni kama tu dailypost ama ile citizen inauzangwa imefichwa kama magazine za porno:D…washenzi kabisa…somebody said they are associated with MO1…n the way they bash Jubilee? Someone should now rethink rebuilding Mombasa road straight into their HQ tuone kama hawatatuliza micoondoo:D:D the way they did when they were told wako kwa road reserve

But deep inside they know that they all want to

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