Esther Arunga....

What happened to her really, such a bright life gone to waste like that.

[FONT=georgia]A former Kenyan news presenter has pleaded guilty to trying to cover up the manslaughter of her three-year-old son north of Brisbane in 2014, reports ABC News.[/FONT]
[FONT=georgia]The Supreme Court in Brisbane heard Esther Timberlake made several attempts to divert attention away from her husband, Quincy Timberlake, during the police investigation into her son’s death.[/FONT]
[FONT=georgia]Prosecutor Danny Boyle said Mr Timberlake “was always a person of interest and her conduct delayed the detection and apprehension of him[/FONT]

Nobody cares about a brainwashed kunguru. She is an adult with 32 teeth so if she made a stupid decision, I can’t feel sorry for her. Apambane na hali yake.

Ouch that hurts,how about we learn how the whole shit has been going for a lesson

Got dickmatized and flushed everything down the drain. Angekua Kenya akue mpango wa 001 life would have turned out much better for her. But it seems she could not handle a good dick, it leaves her confused. Maybe angeleta drama huku kwa devolution conference

i think it was much more than the D. Huyu aliwekewa kitu. Go rewatch those interviews wakiwa na Hellon. She was not herself

That gal still hurts me todate. The only excuse I have for her is mental illness otherwise she threw her life away just like that.

Now, even in Australia, she’s facing jail-time. Sentencing this Thursday as an accessory to murder.

Ta-imagini! And the gal was once ‘Kenya’s sweetheart’…

@Panyaste its true there more than meets the eye. Mtu alipewa kitu

Defence lawyer Greg McGuire asked Ms Carol whether she had mentioned the injuries to Ms Arunga, to which she responded in the affirmative.
Ms Caroll further said Ms Arunga also appeared bewitched days before her son’s death, and that she talked about zombies invading the world and eating people.
“She talked about voodoo and other occult stuff; it was crazy,” said Ms Carol, adding that she was told the information had come from Mr Timberlake.
Ms Gertrude Marutawana, another witness, said she observed “quite a number” of criss-cross scars on Sinclair’s back during a visit to the Timberlakes’ home.
Meanwhile, Ms Deborah Stanley claimed that Mr Timberlake insulted her over the phone before he arrived in Australia after she started teaching Ms Arunga about the Bible.
“He was swearing at me; yelling at me; calling me names and telling me that I was trying to turn his wife against him. He said Esther was under his control and she would do whatever he said.”

Me think alifanyiwa juju…
And that husband is paying it with blood.

Good girls and bad boys jackie maribe style

Hard for me to sympathize with none of these gold digging whores … fuckkk the bitch.

I was in love with Arunga nikiwa high school

Mimi naona watu wanamuita whore mara kunguru…kwani she was parting her legs for everyone?

Thought her problem was just mental.

Maribe anaelekea huko. Lakini hapa itabidi apambane na hardcore za Langata

Arunga aliekewa juju .

Kusema tu ukweli nlikuwa nmekufa huyu m.she back in da days …

Why are you labeling her a gold digging whore? she threw away a glittering career! Naijas have a demonic hold on our girls worldwide. Nimeona visanga kadha that one cannot comprehend in a normal setting.

Some women just cant resisted a mans charms and can do anything for them. Reminds me of a series I have been watching pale youtube, For My Man

Sipendi story hazina picha.

Hot gal made wrong decision in life… these beautiful ladies make the biggest blunders in selecting men,
they want exciting bad boys, sasa angalia … she is getting excited to jail…

Another one loading is Maribe

Troubled soul. I pity her I don’t judge coz pia Mimi si perfect.

Kesi imefika Supreme Court in less than 5 years, the wheels of justice move fast over there.