Esther Arunga - New perspective

I have been seeing all these posts about Esther Arunga and how intelligent she was and how beautiful she was. The posts also talk about Quincy Timberlake (Her husband who was charged with the murder of their 3 year old son) and how he had a brain the size of a peanut. Apparently he did an IQ test and was found to have the same intelligence as that of a mouse (No actual specifics were given as to when this alleged IQ testing took place). The posts go on to say how poor Esther was brainwashed. I’m calling bullshit on the last part. Before Esther met Quincy she was staying in a digs somewhere in Nairobi with her cousin Hellon and being accused of being in a cult. He was running for President and she was his running mate. She was engaged to another dude until Quincy came along and Hellon says things changed after that.
At the time, all of you blamed Hellon (whose presidential aspirations disappeared after she took off with Quincy). You then blamed Quincy (whose brain as we are told can’t formulate a plan to get anything done, let along elaborate plans to flee Kenya and Esther’s parents). You are blaming him for brainwashing a (supposedly very intelligent) girl who allegedly watched him punch her 3 year old son repeatedly in the stomach and in her words… “A grown man cannot survive a punch from Quincy so I knew my son would not…”
Who then went on to tell police that she lied her son fell down the stairs because she was afraid of being alone.
Really? I put it to you that Esther, the so hyped ‘intelligent and beautiful’ girl, is the one who did all the brainwashing. She convinced grown ass men she could make them Presidents. She convinced them they could take over the world. She was so delusional that maybe she thought demons were thwarting their chances and commanded the cockroach sized brain to punch their son to death. Remember Quincy’s first wife? Telling us how Esther stole him from her? Arunga has actually never given any one any reason to think she was a victim in this but you always believed she was. Why, pray tell? Because she reads news? Didn’t we see another anchor the other day being charged with allegedly helping cover up a murder?
Esther Arunga ALWAYS held all the cards. You think she lied to protect Quincy? I don’t buy it. He lied to protect her.
Remember how for so many years we believed Whitney Houston was an angel destroyed by Bobby Brown until her brother confessed to having introduced Whitney to drugs long before she ever met Bobby? Whitney told us time and time again that nobody makes her do anything she doesn’t want to do and we didn’t listen. When she died of an overdose she was long divorced from Bobby. He’s still alive. Her daughter, who stayed with her after the divorce, also died from a drug overdose. Whitney was ALWAYS the problem, not Bobby. Open your eyes when it comes to Esther Arunga. She was ALWAYS the problem. The beautiful, intelligent girl fooled you all.

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Ok! Give me the streaming link for the finals

A different perspective: WE DO NOT GIVE A HOOT…


Haka kajinga tuna katinga for not less than 25 years. Kakitoka we won’t know her. Katakuwa kamejaa wrinkles kama ngozi ya ndimu.

Finally, you can use emojis. Congrats.

Bitter struggling attention seeker looking to sell her book.

does the book include scenes from her margarian groupie days?

Don’t know.
That biatch broke so many families during her #busted days.
She thought she was the solution to men’s perennial cheating but she ended the exposé disappointed.
Very disappointed.

kitu ciku anasema ni ukweli mtupu…kwanza on whitney

Did Whitney really have a brother? thought she was an only child!

@TrumanCapote, karibia kidogo tafadhali!

I didn’t wanna read it to the end but I ended up reading anyway. Ciku might be true, with an experience from relatives and how we try to guide them, and when you try to view the couse in a different perspective and realize that it’s your relative whom is always on the wrong, you’re always left in denial.

Not true at all …she was brainwashed 100% , she lost everything , she was alienated from her family , she was involved in orgies & left her career …she basically did things a normal gal wouldn’t , women only do things that benefit them …hapa she was being coned and conned again , she wasn’t benefiting in any way …

She’s the victim?

methinks so


Who was the victim? There are so many bit players in that different perspective…

she had one and a half

Uza vitabu pole pole