Esteemed elders, advice please

Your advice on where to watch UEFA finals was valuable.I went to two place.i tried ashaki but was packed to capacity.I went to Carnivore and had a good time.Am back for more advice.Where can I find really good affordable buffet in Nairobi?Both inside and outside the CBD.Not the high end restaurants eg villa rosa,hilton,radisson etc.i would like a restaurant in the low to midrange due to budget pls.decent food and atmosphere.i will appreciate your advice.

Njogu ini

Enda Nyaga’s place…pale ziwani
If you know you know

Buffet mi huenda Norfolk wakiitana. 2K unakula venye unataka. I once went with a crew of 5. Tulikula wakatufukuza. Wamezoa rich fools that hubembeleza food.

Greenpark Sundowner

When was this?2K at Norfolk haiwesmake.

Price ya buffet?haiko kwa site yao

It was on 2018.

Fogo gaucho westlands about 2,400 Meat buffet! Unakula nyama za kila aina beef, chicken, sausages, fish, pork , even crocodile! Mpaka ushibe yaani they will bring more and more food till you tap out! The meats are mostly roasted. You will have to tap out (turn a card they give you red) for them to stop bringing you more food!:smiley:

They also have unlimited chipo, salads, cakes , fruits, cheeses etc well worth it in the end.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That must have been a funny spectacle…

Yes. Waliita security. They refilled meat three times kwa zile making za self service tukamaliza yote. Kuharibu sana meat no soft unafinya inatoka kwa mfupa.

kwani mlikuwa mnakula human meat bana ?

Nope. Beef stew.

Any other mid range restaurants in town offering the same?
Some of us don’t venture into Westlands.
I was seeing Kenyans yesterday ranting about racial discrimination in some of those joints.

Put laziness to one side and search the KTALK servers. The information is all there as this question is asked every so often.

This one doesn’t I walked in with family in sandals and a short! I even had the manager come and tell me you can take a break then go for more meats! The concept is a Brazilian Steak House they have a branch in Kilimani, their is another one Pampa Churasia offering a copycat of the same