Escape Velocity

Long read: Avoid if you are retarded.

How much money do you need to escape from the plantation (Kenya) to the castle (elite)? What level of wealth/income do you need to align your interests with the Kenyattas, Rutos, Mois, Kibakis, Ndegwas etc? Before you start barking out insults, hear me out.

@Thirimaii posted a thread today complaining about electricity costs so I did some research. Government lowered tariffs for people consuming less than 1 unit per day, and for manufacturers. People consuming less than 1 unit per day are students. Manufacturers = the elite who own companies. Everyone else (most Kenyan adults) is in between and is being shafted properly.

"Customers under the “Lifeline consuming less than 30 units” category will see their electricity rate per unit decrease from KES 21.99 to KES 21.16. However, not all customers will benefit from the new electricity tariff rates, as those consuming between 30 and 100 units will see an increase from KES 21.99 to KES 26.10 per unit (19 percent increase), and those consuming above 100 units will see an increase from KES 27.92 to KES 31.75 per unit (14 percent increase). "

Link to the full article:

Basically, hustler is attacking the jugular of the economy - the working class. The elite don’t care about electricity expenses because they own factories whose cost of electricity will be subsidized. The only way of escaping is by being extremely poor or extremely rich and everyone else is screwed.

General Taxes:
Ruto government exempted importers of helicopters and jets from VAT. Aviation is a passion among the elites. Who needs and can afford a private charter from Nairobi to Dubai? The fukin elite. Who needs to buy private jets? The elite. Jana tuu niliona rumor that Ruto has bought a private jet, how convenient. Regular people fly commercial and they don’t need choppers/private jets.

Meanwhile, more taxes on everything else you can think of. Check the finance bill.

Private Vehicles Tax
@Electronics4u posted a thread yesterday outlining how private vehicle owners will have to pay an annual fee based on the seating capacity of their vehicles. But the devil is in the details. What was the rationale of using seating capacity instead of other more logical factors such as vehicle weight, engine size, or vehicle cost? If you tax vehicles based on weight, you reduce damage on roads. If you tax based on engine size, you reduce the amount of fuel imported and help reduce the trade deficit we have. If you tax based on vehicle cost, you reduce the trade deficit. However, the government, in its “infinite wisdom” decided to use sitting capacity, because the more logical factors would affect the elite directly. So a guy driving a Bentley pays the same tax as someone driving a Vitz.

Court System
Most crimes are bailable. That means if you are rich enough, you are free to commit most crimes. The law allows you to get away with crime if you have money so the poor rot in jail and the rich walk out.

The more I look at things, the more I realize how the game is rigged against the common man. The common man get’s fucked at every turn using laws that he doesn’t understand. The elite pass laws that suit them and fuck everyone else over. Hustlers voted for Jambazi thinking that he would save them :D:D. The ghasia has been a dollar millionaire for almost 30 years. He has been totally desensitized from poverty by now. He can’t relate. After all, he has been wealthy for more than half of his life.

It is clear that in a country like Kenya, the elite use the law to oppress and exploit everyone else. The only way to protect yourself is to join them. The laws protect them as a class and it is impossible for them to use the law against a fellow member of the elite class without shooting themselves in the feet.

So again I ask, what is the escape velocity? How much money do you need to join the right side of the system? The system (Kenya government) works for them and against everyone else.

Mbona unauliza na ulisema ni 1 million dollars networth by 35… Huwa unasahau haraka sana…
Ngoja uskie

Nauliza juu I could be wrong. The number could be more or less. Nataka kujua escape velocity.

Nilijua tu

Target ni $5 million juu ya inflation.

:D:D ksh 700 million. Azor mbona kupandisha elders sukari kwa mwili.

Can’t a nigga dream in peace :D:D

Hapo inabidi na surrender…

Ni kama elders are not feeling this thread… Diliti

Yeap Ruto has been a dollar millionaire for long. Kenya escape velocity can be priced at $100k if you want a laid back life in the village and $1M if you are a city urchin. Nothing radical. If you want to break laws , aim for $10M and above. Thread closed.

Don’t get me wrong. $100k is good money and you have to work hard to get it. But, you are still a nobody in most decent rural towns unless you have it in cash (bad idea).

To enter Top 1% in Kenya, you need just $20k and that’s why I specified that you need $100k if you are a village life person and you are not planning to break any law. With that amount, you can afford fortnight Dubai vacations and once in a while trips to Europe and North America with ease.

Im not trying to shit on $100k. It is a decent sum of money. But its not enough to escape shit and don’t ask how I know it because I do. You won’t be starving and you will appear “rich”, but you definitely won’t be doing any of that stuff you mentioned unless you are financially irresponsible.

$500k should be able to close the gap then

100k USD networth generating a net income of 1k USD in a small town kama Nanyuki or Nyahuru unaishi maisha poa sana provided you are not extravagant.

In Nairobi, 1 m USD networth that nets you 10k USD in passive income is enough to make you roll with the heavy hitters.

You can afford to rent in Karen, drive a TX and holiday outside the country 3 or 4 times a year.

[SIZE=5]Seriously …[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]I order to live a life of Luxury for the rest of my life [ …never have to work for a living …] …
I would require a deposit of about USD: 1 Billion in a Private Bank in one of the many “Safe Havens” …
[ … a 5% Interest earning from that Deposit - about USD: 10 Million per month is adequate to fuel a really nice existance …][/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]I would keep busy with “Pro-Bono” provision Free Health Solutions to the less privilaged …
And a serious consumption of top tier BBW’s and CSR Initiatives for needy Wives … [/SIZE]:D:D:p

We are fixing what the handshake caused

Let me convert the $20k in ksh?

(Two minutes later)

That’s roughly ksh 2.7M.

What do you mean when you say "to enter Top 1% in Kenya.

Wewe na nani? Sabuni ya mamako kwa bathroom?

99%of Kenyans dont have 500k in their bank accounts