Equity Bank #2

18.9B as profits. Their big brother and competitor KCB posted 19.7B. The other banks are far off…
I recall days #1 was Barclays #2 Stanchart.


“Interesting times ahead”

I told u guys that capping of interest wount affect the bank profits. Let them stay and eventually they’ll come to us with loan offers

Mzito si ulisema tungoje September. No loan for me hadi then

Ekwity…nyanyasa wafanyi kazi…post astronomical profits.

They are focusing their business on non funded income. Wananchi ndio wataumia. Why give mwananchi loans at 14% which will be taxed at 30% yet treasury bills is risk free at 9% and enjoying a final tax of 15%. Check the stats. 0% growth in loans. Massive growth in government securities.

The only reason watu wanaumia is because of a other sector not performing well, bad political environment, poor adherence to policies and I general rampant corruption…cap rates can’t work in poorly managed countries…most of the policy makers are shareholders of them same companies that they pretend to govern.

Banks have other sources of income than lending for commercial purposes, first the government is thirsty for loans… Except that running to us in a snail speed.
But I think the CBK is doing well but on the other hand the government should reduce getting it’s loans internally, then banks will go for the only option of commercial lending.

Sio equity pekee. All the banks exploit their workers.

All employers exploit workers

Wanaogelea kwa pesa. Hii kasi yao nashuku sana.

The only way banks would lend to individuals is if government went back to the days of no more than 10% deficit. Remember the caps don’t have to be repealed they can also be modified, extremely high interest rates for individuals were a real problem and unless a suitable alternative is found we should not repeal.

You forgot to mention that gov securities is safer than loaning me

You are right as a common citizen but as an investor wa shares za bank, it’s been a tough year for us.

Tough year kiaje? Exactly a year ago equity was trading at 29 sahii ni 51. KCB 30 bob a year ago now 52 bob. DTB was 107 now 222

Boils down to dividends sir

Even dividends zimekuwa poa.which bank stocks have you invested in?

Utanicheka… I have a good chunk in the bigger boys but there is one that iv been holding on to for 15 yrs which is the biggest. Hapa mimi hulia sana. I don’t know why I fell in love with it in the beginning