EPL; Official Discussion thread

Epl resumes tonight, Place your bets and change your Fantasy squads


leo ni thursday mkubwa

jaribu kuoga mkubwa, jasho inablock medulla

sitting next to a " bimbo" in undisclosed locatien, muceneee mingii fuck!!

tunawekeza pandee gani pesa ya weekend nko na ka ngiri apa

Tegea kesho…

bumper to bumper na wewe mheshimiwa

Hehe check again

westham cs 2-2

Hizi epl znaniharibia biachara! Siet!

Akili yako ni mzuri?

ni kama hiyo teargas haikukuacha poa…

Imefanya aanze kusahau

obla ongata rongai

hehehe chieth

Funny it’s first time i am watching a Brighton game. Didn’t realize they were so good.

Tottenchieth losing hehe

Manchester united tuko na kasoro kubwa…we can’t play attacking football to save our lives. We have square pegs in round holes all over the pitch
Young, valencia, rashy and martial.

:D:D my goodness ur game today sucks…labda it will be better in the 2nd half

Me too, n must admit they’re quite a resilient team, no pressure at all ilhali Man-Utd look like they’re really struggling.