EPL Game Week 8: predictions and official discussion thread

Game week 8 starts today, place your predictions https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?xfsoccer/

dont forget to change your fantasy squads too

current Fantasy table


admin mzima siko kwa top 11???
tharaka nithi zangu ziko njiani

pia uefa ni mazishi pia

EPL has become too unpredictable especially when it comes to these small teams. Brighton is whooping Westham at home despite Westham fielding a very strong team.

Weather not on our side but hopefully will come out with a convincing victory
Herrera is one of our best player but playing alongside matic is not working with our fluidity…we miss fellaini and pogking


Sisi kama Manchester Utd leo ni ile siku.

ya kukamuliwa ama?

Tundei mani mast be maynd

valencia na sevilla weka ov 2.5 then game ya palace weka 12

isokey ya palace ntabadilisha but valencia nimekataa abadan katan

wacha nikwame na wewe pia
tu tafte zingine…siezi screenshot natumia laptop

check inpox

done …well in


okota okota hapo @Duke of Busia

Leo naona chelshit wakipewa beating na Whatford

You wish leo win ni lazima

conte have been given 5 games to win, fail to do soo he must go

Abramovich hapendi ufala

Chelsea will skin someone alive.