EPL Game week 6: Predictions and Official discussions thread

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kule Fantasy


Liverpool yaniumiza moyo

deorro upload bet slip yako ya hii wikendi pia


brighton vs newcastle :eek::eek:

Leo ni kubaya sana. Wooi the EPL kills my social life.:(:(:(:frowning: Let’s go together Southampton FC kikikiki…

Sioni Loserpool ikipigwa twice in one week by Leicester.

Tottenham already two nil up.

C’ommon my Chelsea. Dressed in blue already!



Laterz. This includes my bra and undies so when the youn 'uns go to bed. I thiiiiiiink this might include you Deorro!:smiley:

What about the knees?

Liverpool is very unpredictable, leo wanaweza ekelea watu mabao saaana

Tottenham are shit at the back…leo tunaomba mungu tupewe 4-0 ingine…Lukaku mbili, martial moja na mkhitaryan. Maybe rashford aongeze moja of the post.

Chelsea 123 get ready. @Fabrigas, @Cahill, @Hazard @ David Luiz@ Willy C @Diego @michy pls do not underestimate Mashambani Murang’a FC Stoke. Gud luck boys.
Gud luck Man City just for the purposes of bitching your vvvvvv annoying noisy neighbours. Clobber Chrystal like there is no tomorrow. Sita-mind.

heheeeeee lukaku cant stop scoring napenda sana


Gwathuka orimwe

Tumetwanga Stoke 4-0. Bye Peter Crouch, Diof and my Glen Johnson. Wacha I check kulienda aje with both Manchesters. My neck hurts. Weee Avaro. Tano tena. Kikikiki.

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