Enzi hizo

There was this song that went something like, “I wanna fuack your vagina everybody say HOE”. Was an old skool ragga tune, anybody knows the name of the tune or whoever the artist was. Natafuta hii ngoma kinoma sana.

i never heard that one or any hymn with the word vagina in it

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itisha tu vitu without going round in circles, so you invite a girl then unaweka such a song to pass across the message?


Hiyo bangi umevuta ime expire walai

Kwani you guys ni watu wa juzi juzi ama nini, hii ilikuwa ngoma ingine kali sana tukiendanga ma jam session hollywood club hizo days, oops …

I remember that song…had some awesome beats Lakini sikumbuki jina…am also looking for some red rat songs za back in the day to bump in my car but sikumbuki jina

Tafuta red rat songs, tight up skirt and shelly ann ni za hizo enzi

Red Rat was the truth!!!


@junkie nshaipata. Ni good hole college by red dragon

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nice…i think i smocked too much weed in campo it fucked with my memory…good times

Kuna ingine hapa ya Bugsy Siegel from Boardwalk Empire. The guy made me laugh hard.

And to imagine it was a real song from 1931. hehehehe.


been looking for this album all over the interweb lakini sijaipata…loved this song…broke my virginity to it

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Muktar Dada street

Naona unaelewa hii maneno, apuo

I dedicate this one to you.i grew up with this playing in the background…


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